General Training Writing Task 1 Sample 84 - Your neighbours have recently written to you to complain

IELTS Letter Writing / GT Writing Task 1:

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

Your neighbours have recently written to you to complain about the noise from your house’s flat.

Write a letter to your neighbours. In your letter

  • explain the reasons for the noise
  • apologize
  • describe what action you will take

You should write at least 150 words.


Sample Answer:

Mr John,

I hope that you are doing well. I am writing this letter to apologise for the inconvenience caused by the party held at our residence last Saturday night.

It was my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. It was very important and joyful celebration for our family. You can imagine that in the current era it seems difficult to live with someone for five years whereas my parents have accomplished 50 years of journey beautifully so far. I came to invite your family and you for the party but the house was locked so I thought you might be away for the weekend.

We had invited close friends and relatives only so there were not many people in the party. However, the majority of the noise was due to children. We completely missed arranging activities for kids due to the last moment arrangement. So, kids were just running and shouting for fun. Moreover, the music was also bit louder and we realised very late that it might disturb the neighbourhood. I would ensure that in future we could keep the music sound as low as possible and surely arrange some fun games for kids who would keep them busy and less noisy.

Once again I would like to ask for an apology and guarantee you that it would not happen in future.

Thank you for understanding,


[ by Naaz ]

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