General Training Writing Task 1 Sample 86 - You and your family are living in rented accommodation

IELTS Letter Writing / GT Writing Task 1:

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You and your family are living in rented accommodation in an English speaking country. You are not satisfied with the condition of some of the furniture.

Write a letter to the landlord. In your letter

  • introduce yourself
  • explain what is wrong with the furniture
  • say what action you would like the landlord to take

Write at least 150 words.
You do NOT need to write and addresses.

Begin your letter as follows: Dear ..........,

Sample Answer 1:

Dear Ms Linda,

I am Ramesh, tenant of one of your properties in William Street, Norwood. My flat number is 17. I am writing this to bring my dissatisfaction on some of the household stuff that you have provided as part of our rental agreement.

In the living room, the sofa is in pathetic condition. The colour of the cushion cloths is totally faded out and they are stinking too. The coffee table is disjointed. Some of the buttons of the remote controller for the television are not functioning. In the kitchen, the refrigerator is not maintaining temperature accurately and I found it futile. Grocery cupboard door locks are missing. Overall, some of the furniture you have provided is in faulty condition.

I request you to look into this matter seriously. I recommend you to arrange for repair and maintenance of the living room furniture and replace the fridge. New keys for the cupboard can be prepared by a locksmith. I expect your action on this as soon as possible, as these problems affecting my daily routine.

Yours’ Sincerely,

[ Written by Ramesh ]


Sample Answer 2:

Dear Ms Saradha,

I am your new tenant of the flat number 106, Priya. Hope you are doing great. I am writing in connection with the bad condition of the furniture in my apartment.

As you already know, the legs of the dining table are unequal in length. So this is causing lots of problems for me. Miserably, my mom could not place all the prepared dishes on the table since there is always a probability of the recipes being spilt. While I signed the contract of my accommodation, you assured me that it would be replaced soon. In spite of staying here for more than two months, it has not been remedied. Imagine how awful it would be, because of this reason, we are not enjoying our lunch and dinner!

It would be highly appreciated if you could kindly find a replacement for this furniture soon and make our stay comfortable.

Looking forward to hearing your swift solution.

Yours sincerely,

[ Written by Nivetha ]


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