IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 319 - Smoking should be permitted in places where people gather to eat or drink

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some people say that smoking should be permitted in places where people gather to eat or drink. Others find the smell of smoke unpleasant and fear it is bad for everybody’s health.

What is your opinion on that?

Give reasons for your answer.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer:
Today, there is a huge debate about freedom of smoking in the public areas. Although some people believe that smokers should be allowed to smoke in open areas, I personally disagree with it because I think this habit can have more obvious side effects on citizens’ health. It can increase the risk of cancer, asthma and sudden death of newborns.

One obvious risk of smoking is cancer. Passive smokers, who inhale the smoke of cigarette of smokers, usually endanger their health even more than the smokers, based on the studies implemented by American Cancer Institute. Their lungs intake more smoke chemicals, and smoking dust is extremely harmful to these people’s lungs. Another dangerous effect is a sudden death of newborns. Paediatrics have proven that those mothers, who have been more exposed to the smoke, their infants are usually more considerably vulnerable to congenital disorders, and ultimately the rate of mortality can be increased. Breathing over thousands of perilous materials in each puff of smoke can notably raise the risk of abortion in passive pregnant smokers.

Lastly, it can be far risky to asthmatic people. This group usually have a worse irritative respiratory system than the normal humans, and their lung are inflamed by any dust particles, including smoke dust; therefore, even by breathing one minute of smoke in the public, their health will be jeopardised far dramatically.

In conclusion, second-hand smoking is very risky to all humans, especially those having respiratory diseases. I personally believe that this habit not only can increase the risk of malignancy, but asthmatic attacks and infant mortality will become more highly dangerous. If I was a governor, I would consider more restrictions to smokers visiting public locations.

[ Written by - Rambod Taghaodi ]

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+1 # Kavery 2016-02-24 16:04
Smoking is already banned in public places in many countries. There are great arguments and counter arguments about acceptance of smoking in public places, especially in dinning places. Smokers fight to get the permission of smoking in areas like restaurant, however, I am completely against this group of smokers and I believe that smoking should be banned in all public places including restaurants.

Obviously, smoking is injurious to health. It not only destroys one's health but also harms passive smokers. Research supports that passive smoking is more dangerous than active smoking in many cases. Children and elder people are more vulnerable to this passive smoking and letting people smoke in public places is like letting them harm and endanger others. In addition, while considering the non-smokers, these fumes irritate them and give unpleasant feelings. Moreover in a place like restaurant people from all ages gather to enjoy their vacation or celebrating some events. Cigarettes fumes often disturb many people and because of excessive smoke they cannot even enjoy their foods or drinks.

Again, while dinning out, children also accompany their parents. Childhood is a period when children are keen to observe and mimic the adults’ activities. So smoking in public places motivates the younger generation to become addicted to it. Furthermore some of them are allergic (bronchial asthma) to the fumes or smell and smoking interferes the liberty and peace of non smokers.

On other hand, smokers argue that banning smoking in public places are against their rights. They claim that they get pleasure from smoking and restricting it is against their rights. In addition they believe that controlling smoking will reduce the total earning of the restaurant.

Put everything in a nutshell, undoubtedly smoking is dangerous for our health and for surrounding people also. I believe smoking must be banned in all public places especially in restaurants where people go to enjoy their meals and times.
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+1 # Baldev Sharma 2014-12-22 19:27
Today’s scenario, people are facing one of the dreadful diseases cancer which is a cause of tobacco and according to my perspective, we should ban the smoking where people gather to eat and drink because in such kind of places usually families come with their kids. So it will be a tremendous effect on children’s health if we allowing tobacco in these places.

There is no doubt that our government has already made some warning for public places like cigarette smoking is injuries to health, smoking causes fatal lung cancer, after all we can find smokers there. Smokers are not only spoiling the environment but also liable to affect other people’s life. According to some surveys, passive smoking is more dangerous because when people smoke in certain places which are mostly crowded for example college, hotels and restaurants then the passive smoking has same effects or sometimes more on the health of non smokers. The people who don’t use tobacco but still they have cardiovascular disease, why? This happens by the cause of passive or side stream smoking.

To exemplify above, it can be seen in the middle age group that most of the people are dying due to the heart attack but in the earlier days, people live more because they start smoking when they achieve a certain age but now a day’s youngsters have started smoke in their school time so the death rate is high compare to earlier time.

However it is generally accepted that it is very hard to convince the smokers to leave smoking immediate. Nevertheless, we can stop them to smoke on those places where people used to go for eat or drink so that we can prevent the passive effects.

In conclusion, it is clear from above contention that tobacco affects all age group. In my opinion, one should minimize the number of cigarette in their daily life and avoid smoking in public places. It will really help to eradicate the bad influence on their health

----By Sharma
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