IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 456 - Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the above statement?

What other measures do you think might be effective?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1: (Agreement)
Over the last century, our cities faced unprecedented growth of traffic congestion and as result of this we encounter a litany of environmental pollutions. Some experts believe that a rising cost of petrol is the best way to tackle these problems. I firmly believe that there is a defensible basis for this argument. In this essay some another possible solutions will be elaborated.

The proponents of this view claim that recent studies have shown that due to increasing the price of petrol, the using of this energy has dramatically decreased. As result of this, the wide demand of petrol has slumped. The key point to justify this attitude could be illustrated by a tangible example. Our country “Iran” has high reputation about having oil resources. Consequently, the price of the petrol was not justified by comparison with another country. To cut a long story short, after applying this idea in cities, the evidence has shown most of the people turn to some Alternatives instead of use private car. For example, by the time went on, the rising price of petrol has caused majority the people use much more public transportation rather than the past.

Alternatively, there are other possible solutions to address this issue. First and foremost, the governments should give special care to renewable energy such as: water, wind, solar energy and etc. Also they should encourage people to use public transportation such as: electric tram, metro, bus and etc. Last but not least, we should own up to the fact that we need cultural reconstruction about true understanding of energy crisis in our planet.

In conclusion, from what has been discus above, increasing the price of petrol can be effective factor to reduce consumption of this energy, at least in my country. Serious measures should be taken by government and individuals as duty for solving these problems. Also government must assume responsibility, stop passing the bulk and settle down the effective laws for control this issue. Finally, it is absolutely imperative we should not try to be wise after the events.

[ by - Reza Paziresh ]

Sample Answer 2: (Disagreement)
It is considered that increasing the price of petrol is one of the most important ways to curb escalating traffic and pollution problems. However, in my opinion, I completely believe that using other sustainable sources of energy like solar, wind and hydro will immensely help to tackle such issues.

On the one hand, there are people who think that increasing the price of petrol will reduce its use and, thus, decrease rising traffic congestions and pollutions. However, in spite of increased petrol price people will continue to use it as there are no other viable options available to run vehicles. Hence, it will not bring much change in solving growing traffic issues and pollutions. In fact, due to increase in petrol price cost of goods may increase because of increase in the transportation costs, creating detrimental effect in the economy.

On the other hand,  if more sustainable energy like solar power, wind power, and hydropower are utilised to run vehicles and factories the their will be less emission of harmful gases like carbon mono oxide and CFC which contributes to increase air pollution considerably. In addition, using solar power to run public vehicles would result in cheap fare. This will encourage people to travel through eco-friendly cheap trams, trains and buses.

To conclude, increasing the price of petrol is not the best way to resolve growing traffic congestions and pollutions. Thus, effective way to control aforementioned issues would be to use other renewable sources of energy in public transport system which can significantly bring down traffic and pollution problems.

[ by - Vikash Singtan ]

Sample Answer 3: (Agreement)

Traffic and pollution have been being two major concerns worldwide lately. Several solutions have been proposed to deal with these problems, improving the price of petrol for example. However, whether or not it is effective is debatable. Yet, I personally agree with proposing a more expensive price of petrol to reduce traffic and pollution based on demanding point of view.

To begin with, a classic economic theory clearly argues that the higher the price, the lower the demanding of a product and reversely. By increasing the price of petrol, more people may be more aware of using vehicle considerably since they need to pay more to fill the tank. This idea can lead to a systematic approach of reducing traffic and air problem through declining possibilities of people to buy fuel needed to run their vehicle and this may result in reducing number of transportation tool subsequently. For instance, Whitehorse city has imposed expensive price of fuel and gas which influences the number of vehicles operating and as a result, it comes up as the cleanest air city of the world.

Meanwhile, the other way to overcome traffic and pollution is by optimizing the public transportation. A good system of public vehicles accomplished by better infrastructure may be delightful to everyone and can attract individuals to use public transportation more often than their own vehicles. This idea certainly can minimize the amount of traffic and pollution as well. Mass rapid train in China and Japan for example, sophisticated transport and well-managed train schedule have successfully brought up these countries in lessening traffic problem.

All in all, a wide range of solutions is available to help cope with traffic and pollution problem. Improving fuel price and public commuters are true as proposed solutions.

[ by - Linda ]

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-1 # Abhijeet Singh 2017-01-24 10:03
I want to learn more about reading and writing task 1 & 2 both. Can you please help me to solve this matter?
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+13 # Nur Anesi 2016-06-28 22:26
Traffic congestion and pollution have become two inevitable problems in the big cities around the world. Therefore, some claim that increasing petrol price will be the best way to tackle these issues. Personally, I believe that there are several other solutions which are more suitable to cope with these problems and I will elaborate those solutions in this essay.

To begin with, some experts and environmentalists believe that raising the oil price will have a positive effect in dealing with traffic jam and environmental damages as people will use their private cars less and will think twice before purchasing a new car. Ultimately many middle class families will rely on public transportation rather than owning cars. However, increasing the price of the fuel will not stop rich families from using their cars. Industries, public transportation, factories etc. mostly use fuel and increasing the price would increase the daily commodities and that would have a very negative consequences in the whole country. Besides, alternative energy, such as water power, wind, solar and bio-energy powers are yet to be embraced by the mass people as they are expensive and hard to maintain. Hence, increasing the price of petrol is not the best solution to tackle pollution and traffic congestion problems.

Alternatively, there are some other possible solutions that should be taken by the government. Firstly, the government ought to provide new technology in vehicles and machines for using renewable energy such as, wind, water or solar energy. More research should be done on making alternative and green energy more powerful and useful for mass people. Next, use of green energy should be made compulsory by the government specially for house owners in the city areas. Then, improving the public transportation could be another good solution to solve traffic problems. Bumper to bumper cars in the big cities will be avoided by improving public transportation. In addition, government should improve the infrastructure of roads and railways, public stations and also, introduce latest trains and buses.

All in all, increasing the petrol price will not reduce the numbers of traffic jams and environmental problems and would create some more complex issues. On the other hand, new technology, use of renewable and green energy and improved public transportation will be more efficient solutions to cope these issues.
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+7 # Sohan Lal 2015-11-26 17:10
It's a good way to improve our thinking and ideas.
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