IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 765 - Cinema attendance in some countries is on the decline

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Cinema attendance in some countries is on the decline. What do you think are the causes of this development and what measures could be taken to solve it?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:
It is true that people’s tendency to see films is decreasing in some places of the world. This essay examines the various reasons of this trend and tries to propose practical solutions for this menace towards film industry.

To begin with, people have no sufficient free time to do their leisure activities as they are busy with their responsibilities: both professional and individual. For example, most of the people in India are doing full- time jobs without a break to meet their increasing economical needs for family. Therefore, they may not get chance for enjoying cinema with their family or friends. Moreover, quality of film is another important reason. To explain, some film makers do some compromises in different sections such as casting, editing and visual effects, while making new films and create poor quality movies. Such type of movies makes boredom for audience very easily and as a result they have no interest to watch these. For all these reasons, cinema attendance is declining a greater extent in some nations. The availability of Smart TV, internet and computer has made it possible to enjoy movies at home and that is another reasons people do not want to visit cinema often.

However, there are several methods to tackle this issue effectively. Firstly, government should reduce working load of people and make sure enough entertainment facilities for them in order to improve film attendance rate. In addition to that, expense of film tickets should be reduced which would be helpful for ordinary people to buy film tickets from film theaters. Furthermore, all films should meet the basic standard to assure the quality. To be clear, standard films would be visual treat for audiences and it also motivates them to watch again. By doing these methods issue can be solved to a certain extent.

To conclude, due to above mentioned reasons people’s desire to watch movies is diminishing. I hope authority will consider the remedial measures to enhance cinema attendance.

[ Written by - Jincy Jibins ]

Model Answer 2:
Although, cinema is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, but the result of a recent research reveals a downward trend cinema viewers affecting many countries in relation to this. This essay will discuss both causes of this trend and will propose a solution to solve this problem.

Firstly, one of the main causes for the number of cinema goers to decline is the easy and fast internet access. Unlimited movie download facility from the Internet as well as watching it online is giving people the opportunity to watch their favourite movies at homes. ‘Globalization and popularity of foreign movies’ is another reason why people do not go to movie-theater to watch local-made movies. The quality of local-made movies has declined in many countries and that’s why many people think it does not worth to go to the cinema hall to watch a movie.  

There are some small measures that could be taken to decrease the sensitivity of this issue, restriction on Internet providers for free online movie videos could be an effective measures. Movies are copyrighted and the unlawful access to copyrighted materials for free should be controlled. In particular, the film industry can register a police report against online service providers for illegal copyright of the original movie and providing free access to watch these. Quality of local movies should be increased to attracted more people to watch it in the cinema halls.

In summary, the above problems can be solved to some extent by applying the suggested measures. It can be predicted that the drop of cinema attendance could be controlled by taking proper measures.

[ Written by - Rupa ]

Model Answer 3:
It is believed that the number of people who watch films in cinema has been declining in the past few years. The following essay will discuss in details about reasons why it is decreasing, and some action plans that could be taken to resolve the issue.

For a number of reasons, the number of people who go to the cinema has been declining nowadays. Firstly, it is due to home theatre system become more affordable these days. As many electronic retailers offer various kinds of discounts or instalment programs, a lot of people own home theatre devices nowadays, and they choose to watch films at home. Secondly, it is because pirate films are sold freely in some countries, mostly in third world countries. Illegal retailers offer various kinds of movies, from drama, cartoon, action and even ethnic films and the price of these pirate films is very affordable. As a result, the public would choose to buy these films rather to go the cinema.

However, there are several things that the government and people could do to solve the problem. The government should have strict and proper regulations about selling illegal films. Illegal retailers should be closed and the owner should be punished in accordance to the valid regulation. People who purchase or own illegal films should also be given some detentions as well. As for cinema owners, they should have some innovations or upgrade their cinema buildings. For example, they could convert the existing cinema into a 3D cinema and upgrade the sound system into a newer version, as they would attract more visitors.

In conclusion, cinema attendances are declining lately, because more people are owning home theatres system and choose to buy illegal films. To solve the issue, cinema owner should upgrade their theatres and government should make proper regulation about pirated films.

[ Written by - Darwin Lesmana ]

Model Answer 4:
Entertainment is an important and essential tool in everyone’s life today. Cinema and music are the most effective means of relaxation and entertainment in people’s life. They put off the stress of the people. After a hectic day in the office one feels burden off only when he watches the television or his favorite film. However, now-a-days there is a decline in people who is watching cinemas in the theater. There are some important reasons for this cause. I will illustrate them along with the measures to solve the issue in the following phrases.

In the first, the main cause for the decline in number of people watching cinema is the arousal of piracy at peak level in the community. One feels that it is merely waste of money to watch the film in the theater when he can watch it for free or at a low price in the computer or in television by using the pirated DVD or CD. Secondly, people find it boring to watch the same routine stories; there are no new concepts and new message being conveyed by the cinema.

People now-a-days are very busy with their daily life. Many of them prefer to stay at home to relax rather than watching a movie in the weekends. However, there are also reasons like the raised prices of the cinema tickets wherein people of all classes cannot afford for it.

However, measures like strict government rules for the eradication of the piracy must be implemented; seizing off the internet centers and other online centers for selling the pirated DVDs and CDs. Film industry must come up with new innovative concepts showing the advancement in technology, life history of great leaders, historical stories and stories relating to the woman development and empowerment. Cinemas must show the reflection of the real life along with the entertainment they provide us. Furthermore, expense on film tickets must be liberalized so that everyone can watch the film. In addition, quality of the movies should be raised and there must be some standards set for the movies so that people of all the age group film comfortable to watch it.

To conclude, the above mentioned reasons are causes for the decline in the people watching movies. However, there are also remedies which I hope that the authority will look after.

[ Written by - Srivani Veludandi ]

Model Answer 5:
In the past, going to the cinema was one of the commonest ways to spend one’s free time. However, nowadays, in some nations, this is not the case anymore. This essay will suggest that the root causes for this phenomenon is poor local film industry and the high cost of cinema tickets. Thus, the solutions will be to improve the movies’ quality and making the fee payable by all the population.

The principle reason for the decline in cinema attendance in some countries is the poor local movie quality. Today, the main target for any film industry in these countries is only to gain some money, instead of entertaining the audience. Thus, they tend to hire inexperienced actors and use cheap resources, so that they pay less and hence, gain more. Another reason to mention is that the tickets are being even more expensive than before, which restricts the attendance to rich people, while even medium-classed population cannot afford its costs.

The most practical solution to tackle this issue is to enhance the quality of film industry. Film makers can hire well-experienced actors and actresses, and pay more in production and advertising. This will increase the attendance and in turn will increase the profits. Government can also help by buying international movies like Hollywood movies. One other important measure to increase numbers of audience is to lower the costs of attendance, so as to make it accessible to all population regardless of their ability to pay.   

To summarize, the decline in cinema attendance has become a widespread problem in some countries. Bad quality of local film industry is one of the most important causes, but fortunately, there are many ways to improve this situation. So, this problem is expected to be solved in the coming years.

[ Written by - Nancy Hendy ]

Model Answer 6:
Cinema was one of the major entertainment sources during the 20th century, across the globe. The current trend indicates that numbers of people watching films are reducing in a few nations. This essay will demonstrate the causes for this change and will provide the possible solutions.

It is apparent that work pressure is increasing day by day due to competition. As people spend more time at their job, they have less time for entertainment. For instance, in Asian countries like India, Singapore etc. employees work around 10 hours a day due to their work requirement. In addition to that they spend 1 to 2 hours on average for travel. They hardly get spare times to enjoy movies. Thus it is obvious that in some areas, people do not get enough opportunity to enjoy movies. This can be solved by restricting the work to maximum 8 hours a day. Both the government and the companies should come up with a policy that the workforce is never exploited.

Another important reason why some citizens have lack of interest in cinemas is due to its focus on non issues. For example, most of the current South Asian movies just gravitate towards money spending and give less importance to stories or theme. After watching the film, there is nothing to study or accept from. By analyzing how film industry concentrates on non legitimate factors, it is clear that the youth is definitely distancing from movies and switching to games in some nations. One way to get rid of this problem is to focus on the issue which the people enjoy. As the interest change from region to region, it is up to the regional film industry to recognize the demand of that area.

As a conclusion, it is apparent that by taking some measures, by government and industries, definitely cinema viewers can be increased. As a result, industry can use this is a mean of creating social awareness.

[ Written by - Zuhr Vardi ]

Model Answer 7:
The creation of cinema has led to it becoming one of the major entertainment activities during the 20th century across the globe. However the current trend indicates that the numbers of people watching films in cinemas have reduced in several nations. This essay will illustrate the causes of this change and will suggest some possible solutions.

It is apparent that work pressure is increasing day by day due to the competitive nature of employees. As people spend more time at their jobs, they have less time for entertainment. For instance, in Asian countries such as India and Singapore, employees work around 10 hours a day as mandated by their employers. In addition to that, they spend 1 to 2 hours on average commuting daily. They hardly get spare time to enjoy watching movies. Thus it is obvious that in some societies, people do not get enough opportunity to enjoy movies. This can be solved by restricting work to a maximum of 8 hours a day. Both the government and the employers should come up with a policy that ensures that the workforce is never exploited.

Another important reason why some citizens lack interest in going to cinemas is due to the movies focus on unimportant issues. For example, currently most South Asian movies just gravitate towards making revenue and give less importance to storylines or themes. After watching a film, there is nothing worth studying or accepting from it. By analyzing how the film industry concentrates on the wrong aspects of movie making, it is clear why youths are definitely distancing themselves from movies and switching to playing video games in some nations. One way to get rid of this problem is to improve on the aspects which people enjoy, such as storylines or themes. As audience interests differ from region to region, it is up to the regional film industry to identify the demand of their area.

As a conclusion, it is apparent that if some measures are taken by governments and industries, cinema attendance can definitely be increased. As a result, the industry can use this as a means of creating social awareness by incorporating important themes in the movies.

[ Written by - Zuhr ]

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0 # Faten Subhi Alzazah 2015-09-19 18:46
Many people prefer these days to watch movies or other shows from the comfort of their home. Because of that, it is noticed that cinema attendance declined in recent years and it may disappear in future.

Because of the great development in technology and luxury life that many people have in their own home like plasma TV, video, and the ability to buy new movies in cheap prices from internet and movie shops many families start to think that going to movie theater and spending more money or more time to watch movie outside is only a waste of time and money.

When weekend comes and after a long time spending time outside of home many families prefer to enjoy their time inside their home with the company of their children and partner apart from outside noisy life. For example, when I have day-off or week end I usually buy movies and some snacks and then watch it from my home with my husband and child because it is much easier for me to find suitable movies for my child.

Movie theaters should encourage people and families to come to their theatre by introducing entertainment programs that is more relevant to all family members like children and elderly people. They should also offer cheaper prices to fit big family budget.

In conclusion, ‘Movie Theater’ was a great business in the past, and plans should be made and steps should be taken to encourage people to go and watch movies outside their home especially after the great development in technology that many people have at their home.
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