Recent IELTS Cue Card Questions


1. Describe a project or a piece of work you did together with someone.

You should say:

what it was
what you have done
why you have chosen this person

and give details of the project or work.

2. Describe a thing you bought, that you had to save money for.

You should say:

what it was
how long you saved money for it
what you felt when you bought it

and explain why did you want to buy it.

3. Describe a small company in your hometown that you think is successful.

You should say:

Why you think it is successful
How you know it
What they produce

and explain how you think it became successful.

Recent IELTS Cue card topic

4. Describe a special occasion in your life.

You should say:

what is it
where this occasion took place
when it occurred

and explain why it is special to you

5. Describe an activity you would like to do more often.

You should say:

what is it
how often you do it
why you do it

and explain why you want to do it more often

6. Describe your favorite photograph.

You should say:

where was the photo taken
who took the photo
what can be seen from the photo

and explain why it is your favorite photograph.

7. Describe a shopping center you often visit

You should say:

where it is
what are available there
why do you often go there

and explain why do you like this shopping center

8. Describe an indoor game you enjoyed playing in childhood.

You should say

what the game was
where you played it
who played this game with you

and explain why you enjoyed playing it.

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  2. It’s very helpful for me… I’ve also learned some more ideas related to these cue cards… Thank you again.

  3. Please send me new cue card topics of 2017, because my test is on 11th February.

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