Games and sports should be made compulsory for students

IELTS Essay Topic:

Do you believe games and sports should be made compulsory for students?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Model Essay:
I am quite positive that physical activities and brain teasing games should be made mandatory for students. One of the reasons that I have this opinion is because physical exercise helps students to make better and faster decisions. A related reason is because exercise has an effect on the overall health of the brain. Most physical exercise involves games and other activities that require action, and sometimes performing a task or answering a question.

Sometimes, we participate in activities that require a strong memory and the use of intelligence. For example, games such as puzzles are a good way to start the day. The brain will start to work properly with the aid of these types of games. It will work to full capacity while solving puzzles and will then be ready to move on to something else, like lectures or other academic activities. “A healthy mind is a healthy brain.” This is a quote that we often hear from the elderly. If we immediately start the day with academic activities, it will be difficult for the brain to properly function.

However, if we begin the day with physical exercise, it will be easier for us to switch from enjoyable activities to more serious study. A perfect way to start the day at school would be to begin with 20-30 minutes of physical activity. After participating in some games involving exercise, students will be more relaxed and ready to apply themselves to their studies. They will learn faster and will be able to retain knowledge better.

Just as the body requires physical exercise in order to perform to its optimum level, the brain also benefits from regular physical activity. It is my firm belief that students must give equal importance to the value of the effect that physical exercise has on the brain as well as it does on the body.

[ Written by – Busra Cangut ]

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  3. In general, it is believed that being physically fit is good for health, especially for children and teenagers. Hence sports and physical education should be a part of the educational curriculum in all schools. This essay would discuss the pros and cons of it and emphasis on why exercise is very important for children and teenagers.

    Introducing physical education and sports into the course is an excellent approach towards creating that habit in the young blood. Having said this, making is compulsory for all can disrupt the purpose. As generally accepted, forcing something to children might make them hate those things the most. Sports and related education can be an optional activity with a merit attached to it. For instance, achievers to get 15 marks bonus in the final mark sheet could be an excellent way to motivate students to take part in physical activities while they are on schools premises. This would not only encourage them but would push them to put in their best at sports also.

    Regular exercises not only keep a person fit but also make them confident, energetic and fresh for the rest of the day. It keeps the body flexible and the heart healthy. This would in a way be beneficial during their older years. Besides, team sports teach pupils how to work in a group and achieve a common goal. Furthermore, many sports and games help children develop their cognitive abilities. This is why undoubtedly sports and games should be a part of a complete education in schools.

    In conclusion, it is a great idea to exercise regularly. But, to achieve that, compulsion may not be a correct route. Instead, building that willingness and passion for doing well in sports also should be the alternative and that should start tight from the early stages in a person’s life.

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