Idea Generation for Cue Card – A work that you do at home with an elderly person

Idea Generation for Cue Card Topic:

Describe a work that you do at home with an elderly person.

You should say:

what is it.
when you started doing it.
who you do it with.

and explain why you do it

Points to note to talk about this Cue Card Topic:

  • I watch television with my grandfather.
  • I have been doing this for the last 2-3 years.
  • My grandpa has hearing problem but yet he is very much enthusiastic to watch TV news and other documentary programs.
  • I help him to understand the parts of the news show and programs that he has difficulty to understand.
  • I enjoy doing this as I like him very much.
  • He is an educated and talented person and sharing our thoughts mutually benefits us both.

Hope this would help you to generate ideas to talk about this cue card topic.

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