IELTS Essay – Advent of technology has made our life worth living

IELTS sample Essay:

Essay Topic:  Advent of technology has made our life worth living.

Sample Answer:
The advancement in technology has revolutionized the human life. Now a day application of cutting-edge technologies can be seen in every facet of life. Has it been education, banking, manufacturing industry or travel, latest bleeding-edge computers, online applications have been incorporated, which in turn has revamped human life. Apropos of the argument, I am in consummate accord with it. Science and technology have played a prolific role in transforming the way people would have imagined the world would be. Two major rationales as application computers in the sphere of medicines and in the province of communications will be explained as per viability of the essay.

To begin with, the advancement in nano-technology in the province of the medical industry has been attainable only because of most-recent computer algorithms. Such deliberate developments have paved the way for numerous successful researches that in turn have alleviated various epidemics, horrendous for dwellers. This can be confirmed from the most-recent edition of the medical magazine, which asserted that scientists have found a cure for the epidemic swine-flue, which was propagated from swines. Moreover, an experimental analysis effectuated on swines has imparted an impetus to the invention of the drug for this ailment. Therefore, implementation of computers and technology has assisted in extenuating the severe plagues from the society and as a result, attenuated dwellers’ rate of mortality.

In addition to transforming medical industry, employment of technology in the domain of communication cannot be undermined. Revolutionary e-mail, telecommunication and social networking have rejuvenated the method denizens’ used for interaction with loved ones and friends. It can be seen from the latest report of the IMF, which contend that proliferate emailing and video conferencing have begot  90% of information technology industry to be outsourced and consequently, promulgated migration of skilled workers. Moreover, social-networking has transmuted the way residents communicate with relatives. Considering the aftermath of globalization, which has stimulated opportunities for employees in foreign countries, role of social media cannot be overshadowed. Hence, it can be confirmed, that, technology has assisted natives with application in communication.

To sum up, application of technology has made human life worth living, and its application in the area of medicine and communication is paramount. I believe, with implementation of technology in daily life has changed human life, and it will continue converting the world as a place equipped with the latest technical advances and worthy of living.

[ Written by – Anshuman Mishra ]

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