IELTS Essay – Children and parental supervision

IELTS sample Essay:

Essay Topic:

Some people believe that parents should enforce strict rules of conduct on their children. Others are more in favour of allowing them what they want to do.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Model Answer 1:

Child rearing is a complex issue and parents seem to be divided into two groups – one group believes that children should be brought up under strict rules and discipline while the other one supports providing absolute freedom to them. Both of these views would be examined before curtaining a conclusion in the following paragraphs.

On the one hand, the cognitive development and morals learnt in the childhood defines who a child becomes as an adult. This is why children should be raised in parental guidance with rules and regulations. The discipline that the parents impose on their children shape their future. Children cannot often decide what is good for them and have immature decision-making capabilities. This is why parents should guide them in every way possible and make them follow good rules for their own benefits. For instance, if a child has the option to play video games in the evening, he would not want to take part in outdoor activities and socialise with others. Here comes the rule and discipline and parents have a great role to ensure it.

On the other hand, too many regulations and strict rules often impede the proper development of a child. If parents always choose what a child needs to do, the child is more likely to have a weak personality in his adulthood. Freedom is somewhat related to the creativity and if a child is deprived of this, he will never be a leader, at best he can be a person who is ready to take orders from others. For instance, most of the creative people in our society have a similar childhood pattern and the way they were grown up had a great impact on their individuality and talent all most of them were given freedom.

To conclude, too many rules and absolute freedom, both have negative consequences for a children’s development. I believe a combination of positive rules and some freedom should be in place for proper parenting and nurturing of children.


Sample Answer 2:

Today’s children are the future generation of the world. There are serious debates on how much freedom they should be allowed. Some people argue that the younger generation should be given full freedom to live and choose on their own while others feel that they should be adequately monitored. In my opinion, both views have got merits and demerits.

Firstly, freedom of thought in a convenient surrounding paves way for mind blowing creative thought. In addition, it is a commonly accepted fact that psychological stress can never bring out positive creativity. Take any famous poet for example; they have produced wonderful master pieces of fine arts when they stayed in disturbance free isolation. Hence, it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the too much pressure and expectation cannot give freedom to the develop children’s cognitive excellence and thereby hinder their creative development.

On the other hand, completely neglected kids with an abundance of freedom with no parental supervision would grow into goons and self-centered. For example, a popular Indian news outlet article tracked back an international arm and drug smuggler who was found to have emerged out from an orphanage in a Bombay slum without any adult undertaking. This proves that kids without parents might perhaps turn into a thug in the future. Therefore, a totally unsupervised individual cannot be a productive adult with compassion.

In conclusion, both overtly supervised kids as well as under supervised children would turn out equally redundant and antisocial in the future. Hence, a balance should be archived while rearing future adults. Supporting them morally during their initial developmental period and providing emotional and psychological support in the later life would only produce a socially acceptable and intelligent adult.

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