IELTS Essay – Do you think TV influence children behaviour?

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IELTS Essay Topic:  Do you think TV influence children behaviour?

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Children are impulsive and agile in nature. Nowadays, children spent lot of time in front of television. Some people say that television is a good source for learning many basic lessons. However, watching television affects children behaviour negatively, because children are tendency to imitate and it reduces socialisation.

First and foremost, children have tendency to imitate the heroes in movies. They imitate what their super heroes do in movies without understanding the after effects and dangers in their actions. Imitating actions and fights make them more aggressive. In addition, it teaches that violence is an acceptable way to resolve problems. Meanwhile, little boys learn to be socially aggressive in the manner of television heroes were little girls learn to be sedative in the manner of television heroines.

Secondly, children are spending most of the time in watching television, with little communication with each other. This will affect the development of interaction and socialisation skill in a child, which is essential for personality advancement. Moreover, this personality trait reduces the strength of relationship between family members. In addition, children are difficulties to lead a social life.

Ironically, television is a passport to the world. It facilitates to understand what is happening around the world. Lot of programmes based on information and education enrich the knowledge. Some programmes help to imbibe good qualities and motivate to become more ambitious.

To conclude, television is a good source for entertainment, education and information. Every invention has counterproductive effects, it is our choice. Parents should help the children for choosing the best programme according to their age, besides this moral values and etiquettes make children good citizens.

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