IELTS Essay – Environmental pollution is the biggest disaster

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IELTS Essay Topic:  Environmental pollution is the biggest disaster.

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Environment means all the natural things that surround us. Damage to the environment is increasing at an alarming rate due to human activities. This essay would discuss the causes and effects of environmental pollution such as air pollution and soil pollution.

First and foremost, air is being polluted by different kind of fumes like, burning of fossil fuels; smoke which emits from vast industries can cause deleterious effect on people health. In addition vehicles and air conditioner pass off a substance in to air called Chlorofluorocarbon(CFC), which is the main cause for ozone layer depletion.

Thus, Sun’s rays directly come to the earth, these intensive rays melt the ice cap in the polar region and raise the sea level, are called global warming. Furthermore intensive rays contain ultra violet rays can lead for skin cancer in humans due to prolong exposure.

Secondly, soil pollution is a great menace; people dump their waste especially non degradable waste and over usage of fertilizers pollute the soil. It destroys the quality of land and turns it as a barren land. Moreover, factories and other business industries dump their waste in swamps, chemical contain in the waste may spread to surrounding land by flood and make the adjacent land also polluted. To cite an example, mercury, which never degradable and it contains in most of products especially in bulbs, it move through soil and pollute the entire land and even water also.

The effective management can reduce the effects of pollution, planting trees are the best answer for air pollution, and it reduces the carbon ratio in the air and expels oxygen. Furthermore, reduce the usage of fossil fuels also helps to reduce the air pollution. Government should encourage people to use alternative source of energy and help people to reduce and reuse of products.

To recapitulate, pollution is a great threat to human kind. Even though, at the drop off hat or else it will be a death knell to the future generation.

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