IELTS Essay: Equal numbers of male and female students in every subject

IELTS Essay:

Topic: Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answers and provide relevant example and experience you might have.

Sample Answer:
Whether universities should enroll equal number of male and female students in each subject is a very controversial issue. While some universities follow this equal gender enrollment, most of the universities still give priority to the talent of a student – be it a male or female, as an admission criterion. I completely disagree that universities should admit same number of students from both genders and in fact a university should be more selective to map every talented students, and create the conducive atmosphere for studying.

To begin with, most of the universities try to ensure the quality of programs offered and enroll the best students who compete to get admitted to those universities. To gain this, the management of the university forms a strict procedure to accept the applicants based on their capability and merit. For example, after the candidates apply for a subject in a university, they need to seat for an entrance exam, face an interview conducted by the head of the department and other qualified professors. The aim of the university is simple – select the best students. As a result, the standard of the universities is protected by the capability of students, not by the numbers or gender equity. In fact if we talk about the equal chance for both genders, preserving half of the seats for each subject offered by a university would be a big discrimination.

Some subjects are more suitable for male students while many others for female students. For example, nursing and teaching in elementary levels are mostly preferred by the female students while more male students are inclined for the engineering subjects. The physical and mental ability of male and female are different and hence their chance for doing better lies in different sectors. Thus offering same number of seats for both male and female students would be a bad idea indeed.

Finally, university is the place where talent is nurtures and students are prepared to be the future leaders of a nation. Any whimsical decision could lead to very negative consequences. The talent and ability of a student thus should always get priority while getting admitted in a university, not the gender of a student.

In conclusion, I believe that accepting the prospective students with selecting based on their ability is the most effective method for the university. If they always keep this rule, best possible results could be ensured.

[ Written by – Wahyu Ningsih]  

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