IELTS Essay – For students keeping a hobby is beneficial

IELTS sample Essay

IELTS Essay Topic:  For students keeping a hobby is beneficial or they should just focus on their studies.

(My opinion: Keeping a hobby is important for studetns.)

1. Relax to increase efficacy in studies.
2. It develops creativity within them which may open other career options.

Sample Answer:
Hobbies are vital ingredients in the overall development of a child. Has it be a child or an adult importance of leisure time activity is prominent. There are arguments as to whether children should indulge in a pastime activity or not. Apropos of the argument, I believe that hobbies are indispensable elements of a child’s life, on account of its ability to not only relax the students after hard work in studies, but also due to its significance in inculcating creativity among the adolescents.

To begin with, pastime practices are vital for releasing the stress level among the students. Nowadays, education has been extremely demanding, owing to the competition among the scholars. Hence, it is mandatory for students to indulge in stress busting activities to impart the necessary relaxation of body and soul that will increase the efficiency of the child. For an instance, as per a report from an education society of India, 20% of the students in India have a serious hobby and they are found to be 80% more efficient to that of pupils with no hobbies. Hence, hobby is a crucial ingredient in the overall efficacy of a child.

In addition, due to inclusion of extracurricular activities, various children get an opportunity to transform these activities in serious career options. For an example, as per the same report mentioned as above, 30% of the students are considering the hobby as a career option due to passion involved with the hobby. Likewise, involvement in the leisure time activities germinates the creativity among the children, which is most prominent feature of overall growth of an adult nowadays.

To sum up, hobbies are a crucial element for the mental relaxation and foster the creativity among the students. Moreover, due to opening another option as a career opportunity, it is justifiable to develop a hobby.

[ Written by – Anshuman Mishra ]

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