IELTS Essay: Gap between poor and rich is increasing in modern world

IELTS Essay Topic:

The gap between poor and rich is increasing in modern world. Why this is the case? What problems this can cause in our society and what measures could be taken to tackle this issue.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example or evidence.

Sample Answer:
In some countries there is a wide gap between indigent and welfare society and this gap in increasing rapidly in modern world. This kind of problem might be caused by several reasons while there are some actions that can be taken in to consideration to tackle this problem.

The most notable reason for the wide gap between the poor and the rich is the absence of government’s prudent policy. The role of the government is to manage economical and social sectors, fair distribution of resources among people, creating job opportunities for rural people, subsiding neglected and promising sectors, educating people and taking many development works in to implementation phase. Only the government can watch wealth distribution and take initiatives for development works. For example, ensuring tax collection and using it for development of the country is only possible by the government in a country. However, many countries lack honest and visionary government bodies and thus those policies are never implemented. Thus the rich in such country accumulate more wealth while poor people struggle even more. Moreover they suffer from global economic system which is capitalism.

Corruption in many countries is quite common these days and this trend allows rich people to find ways to earn more money while poor population finds it difficult even to earn a decent amount to support their family. A lack of government initiatives could be the root cause for this. For example, the poor farmers sell their goods at a cheaper rate while the middle-men earn a fortune simply by syndicating and manipulating the market price. The banks offer loans to rich people and a poor have no way to get any monetary help from any bank or from any government organization. This is another reason poor people get no opportunity to develop their economic condition while rich amasses more fortune.

Unfair distribution in a country causes many unavoidable problems including increasing crime, social anxiety, brain drain, political instability, unfair distribution of power and can even cause a civil war.

However, there are few measures that can be taken into consideration to address this problem. Firstly, the government should encourage local organizations to support the poor people. This support should include incentives, loans and education. Government can take initiatives so that poor people get fair prices on the goods they produce and sell.  Decentralization is also required for the development of rural areas. More vocational education should be encouraged to build a skilled nation. The fair collection and distribution of tax and other revenue should be strictly managed and banks should be obliged to grant loans to the poor and capable people.

Thus the local economy can improves gradually. Furthermore, the government should subsidize some production sectors such as seeds, tractors, and fertilizers in order to enhance agricultural production in many countries.

To conclude, the gap between poor and rich is an issue every government should take seriously and practical measures should be taken in to consideration to tackle this pressing issue.

[Written by – Alif Rifky ]

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