IELTS Essay – Government should implement same tax slab for every citizen

IELTS Agreement/ Disagreement Essay:

IELTS Essay Topic:  Government should implement same tax slab for every citizen.

Sample Answer:
Revolution in technology and transformation in social sanctions have imparted an impetus to job opportunities. In apropos of subject of dissension that whether or not government should incur same tax from each individual. I am convinced that tax payable to government should be different and must be aligned with earning potential of an individual.

To begin with, some dwellers are capable enough to earn a lot and consequently they are able to deposit tax as imposed on them. However, people who are deprived of adequate sum of funds will not be able to confer with the revised tax laws. Moreover, the pressure of payable tax liability will certainly germinate an air of melancholy within the poor. The government policy should also consider the responsibilities and debts of an individual while categorizing a citizen for tax. It is not unlikely that many people have a vast amount of property and very few dependents while they might be low wage earners. On the contrary some executives solely depend on the salary they get from their jobs. Considering only the salary earned by an individual would be justified.

In addition, in the wake of high earning capability of the prominent business people and various other professionals, it is justifiable to recover handsome sum of money as tax from them. This money can be instilled into underdeveloped domains of the nation and will assist in overall living standard of the country. Evidently, it will alleviate the plight of under-privileged residents.

To sum up, I am convinced that due to inability of higher earning potential of the poor and on account of ability of the rich people to assist in building a nation, tax recovery must be higher for capable people only and the poor must be given tax exemption.

[Written by – Anshuman Mishra ]

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