IELTS Essay: Money is an important source of happiness

IELTS Essay Topic:

Some people like to save money because they consider it is an important source of happiness. Others believe that money should be spent as it is the way to fulfill our dreams.

Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Sample Answer:
Money is an important factor to achieve happiness. Different people use money in different ways. There has been a considerable debate on the issue whether we should save money or spend all on our needs.

On one hand, it is believed that money should be spent on things and on our needs, because it is a major source of getting happiness in life, if we do not have money, we cannot survive in this modern world anymore. So, it is rightly said that life is like an ice-cream, so we should enjoy it before it melts. In other words, we should take benefits from each and every moment of the life. For instance, with the help of money people can easily uplift their status in the society, because every individual wants to develop his or her living standard, which in turn helps them to raise their personality in the world.

On the other hand, it is considered that, people should save money in order to secure their future. Mostly people save money for their children, because the savings will help them in their further life for their better education and basic needs, which are necessary and play a significant role in one’s life. Money is a valuable thing, because nowadays without money, it is very difficult to stand in the society. So that is why people should save money for the rainy days, because everyone goes through the ups and downs in life and who knows when we need some extra savings.

In conclusion, both aspects have their own values and that is why we should spend money within a limit- for important and basic needs, because if we spend all the money we earn, there will be no money for the better future.

[Written by – Arman Josan]

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  1. This short essay deeply inspired me showing me how to deal with money.

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