IELTS Essay: Newspapers affect people’s ideas and opinions

IELTS Essay:

Topic: Newspapers affect people’s ideas and opinions. Do you agree or disagree? Is it a positive or a negative development?

Give reasons for your answers and provide relevant example and experience you might have.

Sample Answer:
It is argued that newspapers have a great impact on people’s set of beliefs and opinions. It is agreed that this effect is undeniable and in many cases beneficial in shaping and directing people’s underlying opinions but the impacts could be negative sometimes as well. This essay will discuss, firstly the influence of scientific articles published in press and secondly, the essential role this media play in awareness of society about current status of it and finally some of the negative effects it has. Overall I believe that the positive development of it is far greater than the minor negative influences it has.

Most of groundbreaking research results in science are published in newspapers and magazines. They would lighten the way where used to be vague and dark. The robust and consistent relationships between creatures and instances revealed by these findings lead to strengthen the public idea that every impossible-looking theory may come to true by effort. The outstanding article of life in other planet in New York Times is a prime example, it is proven not only living on Mars is feasible but also some volunteers are invited to spend their holidays there.

In addition, newspapers portray the position of society in diverse aspects, ranging from country’s rank in worldwide competitions to political matters. This information inspires and motivates people to act indiscriminately. For instance, if Delhi Times had not uncovered the scandal of one of the top political figures of India who used to be a president candidate; he would have become the president. However, people curbing this designation by sparking off demonstrations in the cities.

However, some journalists and newspapers are politically biased and thus try to influence people by spreading propaganda, misleading news and information. The people could be negatively affected by reading the news presented in such newspapers and that can have very negative consequences in the society and country. Said that, I believe, newspaper is still a powerful tool that mostly works in favour of mass people. They let people know things that were otherwise impossible for people to know and react about. Furthermore people can always make informed choice about what to read and what to believe. Thus the negative impacts of newspapers influences could be reduced to a great extent if the populations of a country are conscious and educated enough.

In conclusion, it seems that the pivotal role of newspapers in forming opinion by broadcasting scientific articles and information on current events running in society is undeniable. It is assumed that this trend enormously increases public knowledge and would lead to demolish opinions stem from ignorance. It is predicted by enhancing the usage of online newspapers this effect widely spread in all classes of country.

[ Written by – Lida Sabeti]  

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