IELTS Essay – Nowadays we are producing more and more rubbish

IELTS sample Essay:

Essay Topic:  Nowadays we are producing more and more rubbish. Why do you think this is happening?


Sample Answer:

Rubbish production is one of the serious problems in modern world and it has made damages in environment. In the past, there were fewer populations in the world. Today, however, the number of world population is becoming more and more and hence the wastage they produces has increased significantly. This essay will analyze most important causes of rubbish production.

Several factors have contributed to producing of rubbish. The most important factor is high number of various productions. Today, companies manufacture a large amount of goods and it is easy for people to have variety of those. Furthermore, many families use more and more goods which result in the increase of waste materials. Another contributing factor is lack of usage awareness. For example almost there is no training system for the people on how to apply the efficient way to reduce the rubbish productions. The government education system for training is inconvenient and inefficient. Therefore, the people go their own way to creating these environmental damages.

Moreover the productions of waste materials have other causes such as manufacturers’ advertising. Every day because of advertisement, the people experience the new style of life and purchase more than they need. This leads high tension and pressure to consume the new productions. Such consumption has significant impact to make useless goods which result in these unusable materials can be seen in everywhere.

Overall, rubbish is mainly caused by over population and people’s reliance on their lifestyle. If government provide more facilities for training and encourage the people to care about their consumption, I am sure that the volume of waste materials will decline in near future.

[ Written by – Sahami Amir ]

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