IELTS Essay: People are living longer and life expectancy is increasing

IELTS Essay Topic:

One of the consequences of improved medical care is that people are living longer and life expectancy is increasing.

Do you think the advantage of this development outweighs the disadvantages?

Healthcare is a fundamental need of the citizens of a country as this sector is related to their physiological and psychological well-being. Every year government spends a proportion of its budget on medical care and research. The purpose of doing this is to conduct empirical research on the vaccines and medication that can wipe out as many diseases as possible. With the advancement of medical care, people now live longer and there are many advantages brought by the improvement in medical care and increased life expectancy. In my opinion, these advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

By improving the medical care, a country will have fewer death cases caused by fatal diseases. With the advancement in technology, there are vaccines for many fatal diseases. The invention of the vaccine is all devoted to the government for spending some of the public money on medical care. The longer life expectancy gives us the opportunity to serve our country for a longer period and this will let us enjoy our life here on Earth. Longer life is a symbol of the development of a country. Many professionals like teachers, politician, researchers, mathematicians, writers and so on can contribute more to their matured and older ages.

The longer life expectancy will let the grandparents spend more time their grandsons and granddaughters and that will let them teach values and traditions. The new generation would also learn past history which is important in shaping future of a country.

On the contrary, there will be a scarcity of resources if life expectancy keeps on increasing. Nowadays, many countries face poverty and starvation as the food production is not enough to feed all the people around the globe. When people live longer, that means there will be more people refuse to retire at an early age. This will lead to unemployment for the young generation. Many fresh graduates will not be able to get a job only because experienced old people will hold those positions. Finally government and family will have to support the old people and that would require a huge amount of money.

In conclusion, longer life expectancy far outweighs the disadvantages. Life is precious and the government should spend more money on medical care in any way possible. Some of us might disagree that longer life is not beneficial but all of us want to live longer and contribute to our family and country for as long as possible.

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  3. Is writing about the advantages and disadvantages of improved medical care, including longevity and life expectancy a good construction because that’s what I initially understood should be written about?

    Instead, all the samples are discussing the advantages and disadvantages coming out from one of the consequences of improved medical care.

    Please advise accordingly because I am kind of lost in it.

  4. Nice post for IELTS. I’m Ron Spinabella, a freelance writer and blogger for various different websites.

  5. When I read the question, I didn’t get any idea but after reading this sample answer I understood everything. I think now I am able to do a better brainstorm. Thanks.

  6. Hi, I was wondering what “this development” in the question means? Is it referring to the medical care improvements or the increased life expectancy?

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