IELTS Essay – Pros and cons of extreme/ adventure sports

IELTS Essay:

Topic: Pros and cons of extreme/ adventure sports.

Model Essay:
The adventure sports were there before as well but only limited to the defense purposes. Today due to advancement in technology, adventure sports are easily accessible by a common man. These sports demand a great deal of daring. There are both benefits and drawbacks of these sports.

Any kind of adventure sport develops competitive spirit and makes one to face the future problems with utmost patience. When one participates in these kinds of sport activities, one could become capable of handling the various vicissitudes of life because adventure sports require high hard working tendency. Moreover, there would a change to meet people of their kind and could enjoy one other’s company. Next, a person gets the thrilling experience which remains as the nostalgic memories. Finally, a person would be trained so that one may serve one’s country by joining the defense services. Therefore, it is clear that adventure sports are highly beneficial.

However, adventure sports have the other facet which cons. Generally, these sports are chosen by youngsters and in the event of playing they may be severely injured, sometimes may become physically handicapped. Furthermore, in extreme cases, these sports may cause death of a person. For instance, car race, which gives thrill but with the minor mistake it may cost their valuable lives. Hence, these sports are dangerous.

To summarize, ultimately by taking proper care and by being careful, one can minimize the cons of these sports. In my view, cons overweigh pros of these kinds of extreme sports.

[ Written by – Vinutna Rahul Rojiwadiya ]


3 thoughts on “IELTS Essay – Pros and cons of extreme/ adventure sports

  1. Wonderful bloggers like yourself who would positively reply encouraged me to be more open and engaging in commenting. So know it’s helpful…

  2. People today are very eager to try different sports. Aside from the fact that it will benefit their health and will keep them fit, it helps them mentally, spiritually and socially also. It’s no surprise why they are engaging to a much extreme sports because of all these reasons also. For them, it’s more fun and challenging. That’s the positive side of it. But yes, they have to realize also the consequences and it’s a good thing you have explained it well here in your sports.

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