IELTS Essay: Public transportation is a great way to travel

IELTS Essay:

Topic: Public transportation is a great way to travel, particularly within a metropolis. The shanghai metro is the most convenient way to get around the city.

Do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answers and provide relevant example and experience you might have.

Sample Answer:
Travelling in any big city using public transportation is a great way of commuting. Furthermore, people believe that the most convenient public transportation is the shanghai metro in China. In my view, I do agree that shanghai metro is a favourite transport in China due to its conveniences and reasonable cost. Analyzing both the ability of the shanghai metro to commute citizens in China, as the largest population in the world, as well as its modern facilities, it could be easily understood that it is the most convenient way of commuting in China.

Firstly, the shanghai metro facilitates the passengers to go around all over cities. For example, it is commonly used when people require traveling from city to city, from suburb to urban or form uptown to town in their daily activities such as going to school, work or shopping. Moreover, this convenient transport is keenly needed for crowded population and the shanghai metro is capable to support these mass commuters. Thus, this makes it clear why people in China use the shanghai metro as public transport comfortably.

Secondly, China  is a country that has the capability to create up-to-date technology. For instance, a swift speed without any vibration inside the shanghai metro makes passengers arrive in their destination in time while inside the metro they can enjoy watching television like they do at home.  From this perspective, it is quite evident that the shanghai China is the most convenient mass transport to passengers.

In summary, the shanghai metro provides what passengers in China need and actually this is cheap. This is clear why majority of people agree that the shanghai metro has the ability to be a convenient mass transport. After analyzing these points of views, it is predicted that the standardization and facilities in any public transport can be adapted from the shanghai metro.

[Written by – Susi Sumeilyah ]

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