IELTS Essay – Should humanity study be taught?

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Essay Topic:

Some people opine that to make a better society we need to teach our children humanity in schools. What do you think? Should humanity study be taught? Is it useful?


Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Sample Answer:

Academics that concern with humanity studies deals with the guidelines about our ancient cultures, literature, religions, philosophy, visual and performing arts such as music and theatre of the by-gone era. I fully accent with this notion that students who are interested in such kind of subjects should be encouraged to do so because it will benefit our society on the whole.

The very first reason for this consensus is that it helps to identify our correlation with our ancestors of the society. It may be very handy in cognitive study of the time before us and assist to get acquainted with the enriched intellectuals of our society, who have created fine productions after detailed research during their times. The great literature by Shakespeare bears the testimony of this fact. Anyone can get enlighten with his wisdom and perception through his huge collection of books and other materials.

Another reason is that this subject will help our young generation to stay connected with their poised culture, which they are forgetting with time. It is rightly said that “A generation that ignores history has no past and no future”. Therefore, it is a high time that our young ones get the insight of their past treasures. Only then the coming generations will have knowledge about them. Studying this subject will make them proud and they will observe things more rationally.

In crux, I would say that humanity studies should be promoted in the interest of our society. In fact, more interesting dimensions should be added to attract more people towards this, like predicting the future trends in culture and so on.

[ Written by  – Navdeep Kaur ]

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