IELTS Essay – The reasons why people live in your hometown

IELTS sample Essay:

Essay Topic:  The reasons why people live in your hometown.

Sample Answer:
Yangon, the former capital city of Myanmar, is the home of some 7 million people. It is the most modernized city in Myanmar where more than 51 million of people are living. People live in Yangon for various reasons ranging from educational to business opportunities. Some people were born in Yangon and they stay because of their family and friends. Other people, however, relocated for personal reasons; perhaps they want to have better education or have a better quality and sufficient healthcare or to pursue their career goals. This essay will discuss two common reasons why people live in Yangon: to receive a better education and to get more opportunities regarding jobs.

Yangon offers a great deal of educational opportunities. Young people who finish their high school can choose different kinds of courses to improve their skills before they go to universities. Different training centres in the town tailor the courses for different learners, young and old so that they can choose the subject they are interested to learn and they can even take the courses at convenient time, morning or evening or weekends. People can learn foreign languages or advanced computer related technologies. Moreover, training centres network with the famous universities outside of the country offer distance learning courses which allow students to take the exam from a foreign country and achieve oversea qualifications. Most of the universities are in Yangon and many students who live in different parts of the country come to the city for tertiary education.

Many people also come to Yangon to get better jobs. As Yangon is a business hub, people from different areas of Myanmar migrate to Yangon to get a job in modern economic sector or to find a better paid job. Economy is growing rapidly and several industries have established in the city which attracts the labours from rural areas to move and earn a living in city.

In conclusion, people live in Yangon for their own individual reasons. For some people, Yangon offers better opportunities to study, whereas others come to live in Yangon for business reason. With its wide of range of facilities as the most modernized city in the country, interesting educational opportunities and excellent business openings, it will no doubt continue to be a popular place to live in the future.

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