IELTS Essay – Who are better patents – men or women?

IELTS sample Essay:

IELTS Essay Topic:  Who are better patents – men or women?

Sample Answer:
When it comes to play a role of parent in the most sufficient way, it could be considered a diversity of contrary opinions that whether fathers could act this position more accurate or mothers. It is going to evaluate both side of this argument from a variety of aspects in the following paragraphs.

Despite the fact that financial security is one of the crucial ingredients for life, in some countries, especially in the developing countries, men possess more suitable situation for earning money in order that they can manage their families` needs.

In addition, in such communities men can acquire more desirable job opportunities. By way of illustration, this key element not only can help them to achieve higher salaries but it also provide more secure condition in terms of social life, in comparison with the women who face a wide range of difficulties at work place ranging from manlike serious behaviors to less payments.

On the other hand, in developed countries, thanks to the widespread developments in all perspectives, women could find noticeable positions to play their role as an economical supporter of family. Moreover, because of women`s unique characteristics, they are able to communicate emotionally with family members, so that the children could improve their relationship abilities, which it affect their future life style with family members in the way of great successes.

In conclusion, considering the various angles, it would not be possible to judge that which one of parents, men or women, could cope with all their responsibilities as a parent. However, fortunately, the societies’` awareness is promoting in the way that without considering human`s gender, all individual, all over their life.

[ Written by – Behzad Alibabaei  ]

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