IELTS Opinion Essay: Study of a second language is very important

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IELTS Essay Topic:  Opinion Essay: Study of a second language is very important.

Sample Answer:
( My opinion: Yes, learning a second language as part of education is important. )

– Globalization
– Help to excel in career.
Example: Knowing English is beneficial for international career and to work outside the country and to earn money.

– Help in assimilating with the people of other languages    
Example: Knowing multiple languages will help in better communication and have long term benefits in life.

Since the beginning of the recorded time communication has been a vital component in the development of denizens. Has it be, workplace, studying abroad and survival in a foreign country, ability of understanding multiple languages is an important quality for human beings. Many people believe that a second language should be included in the education level. Apropos of the argument, I am in consummate accord with it and I believe that a foreign language must be included in the curriculum.

To begin with, modern era is the world of globalization; consequently, majority of people are migrating to other countries, in the quest of job opportunities, better living standard. Thus, it is indispensable that they should have ability to communicate in the local language to have an equal opportunity to grow in the career. For an instance, someone who has studied English as a foreign language can very well communicate with English people and excel in the workplace. Moreover, learning a second language in school and college will certainly pave the way for growth in their own country as well, on account of establishment of various multinational companies in around the globe. Thus, the importance of a foreign language in education cannot be overlooked.

In addition, a second language will assist scholars in their overall development. Another language will not only facilitate them with ability to communicate with natives of that language, but also it will impart the impetus to the cultural assimilation among the natives of various nations. For an instance, if English is included in curriculum for Hindi speaking dwellers, they will certainly be able to connect with English natives with ease. Hence, a learning of second language is vital in cross cultural accumulation of the world.

[ Written by – Anshuman Mishra ]

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