What is more important to ensure quality education?

IELTS Essay Topic:

Some believe that universities should spend more money on the salaries of professors in order to improve the quality of education. Others however disagree with that and say that more facilities and buildings are important to ensure quality education.

What is your view on this? What is more important to ensure quality education? 

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Model Essay:
I believe that university authorities should spend more money on good facilities for students instead of the professor’s salaries. The professors work at the university so that they may impart useful and effective information to their students. This means that it is not their primary aim to make a large amount of money. With good facilities, students can certainly gain more knowledge.

Moreover, every high quality university includes a modern, fully-equipped laboratory in which to conduct experiments. For example, I graduated from the most famous university in my country. My university is known for its state-of-the-art laboratory in addition to its unparalleled library and spacious soccer fields. That was more effective than the professor’s salaries to increase the quality of education.

Another important aspect is to spend more money to construct new buildings for the students. These buildings could also be used by the faculty in order to enhance the educational experience for their students. This means that the university can expand several of their departments with the addition of the new buildings. My sister is a student in Cypress, and last year I went there in order to visit her. When I arrived at my sister’s university, I was shocked because there were only three buildings on the entire campus. One building was the school of law, which my sister attended, and the others were the schools of Medicine and Engineering. The buildings on her university’s campus were more like those of a typical high school. There was no library for researching projects, nor was there a laboratory for conducting experiments. How could the university expect their students to obtain a good education under such conditions?

It is generally accepted that a university must include an adequate number of buildings for the purpose of providing a high quality of education. This experience taught me that the more buildings a university has on its campus, the better the quality of education that it will be able to offer.

In conclusion, universities should certainly not spend more money on the salaries of the professors. Rather they should place more emphasis on providing excellent facilities and buildings for the purpose of improving the quality of education.

[ Written by – Busra Cangut ]

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