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  1. I am from Greece and I am preparing to give my exam in the end of June. Hoping to get bank 7.5 and more if I could. I would like a little help in speaking practice. Thanks.

    • I need a practice partner for speaking, for academic………

      • If you need a partner for speaking, find me in WhatsApp or in Skype: +9609957938 & shoj.jose.

    • Elias, I would like to practice speaking with you! My Skype is “ninylkaya”

  2. Hi Dear Friends,
    My name is Sasan & I’m improving my language for IELTS exam.
    If you are on a condition like me, it would be my pleasure to be partner with you For speaking

    My Skype Account is: sasanrostamnezhad

    Best Regards

  3. Hi, I am interested to talk English with anybody to enhance my speaking fluency. Please contact me for speaking. My WhatsApp number +8801682429261.

  4. Hi everyone. I need a speaking buddy who would help me to enhance my speaking skills. etraucem is my Skype ID.

  5. I need a speaking partner inorder to enhance my speaking level.Those who are interested contact me on sosamma.john3 (Skype id)

    • My exam is on May 21. I found myself at ease to enhance speaking skills with a partner rather than a recorder. If you are interested please find me in WhatsApp, Skype or in IMO: +9609957938 & Shoj.jose

  6. I want a partner who can speak in English with me because my ielts exam is on 13 Feb, Saturday. So if anyone is interested please contact me on my whatsapp: +66917072593. its SAM……

  7. Hey There..!
    My IELTS exam is on 5th march 2016.Anyone want to practice with me.I really need to improve my English fluency.
    Skype id-raghib.45(Raghib Ansari)

  8. Hello, friends
    I’m Mayur Patel from India. I’m looking for speaking partners in order to enhance my speaking skills with oblige request to those who are really punctually wanting practice because less time availability in my circumstances. My WhatsApp number:+971561525737(messages only). Skype ID: mayur.ramoliya.

  9. I am Aslam from Bangladesh. I Want to improve my speaking skills in English. Every one Contact with this no … 01815600136 include WhatsApp, Viber, Emo, Line.

  10. I am Rasiq. I need a partner badly for speaking. Anyone interested add me on Skype id:sparsho.sachya.

  11. Hi friends, I am Sandeep from Kerala, India. I would like to improve my English learning skills with someone. Can any one help me please…
    My skype id : sandeepradhakrishnan1
    my whatsapp number 00960-9898651

  12. I want to improve my English and also want the best partner for this.. 8396026654 is my WhatsApp no. Contact me as soon as possible.

  13. Hi friends, I am Rahul from India. I want to achieve 7+ in speaking . I need a partner who can speak with me my test is on 7th of February. Please help me and contact me as soon as possible. any time – My Skype id – rahularora883.

  14. I am from India, and looking for a partner to practice speaking.I need 7+ bands. Currently I am available from 11:30 pm. So I would request the interested partner to add me in Skype

    Full Name: Rahul

    Feel free to contact me.

  15. Is there anyone who is from Bangladesh?? That will be helpful for me to interact easily. I want to make conversation through WhatsApp.. +8801676828506.

    • My exam also in 9th January. My Skype account: moinulislam50. FB:mohammad.moinul.islam.khan. Feel free to contact me.

  16. Hello friends. My name is Samar . I got 7 bands last time, but now my requirements are 7+. In case of speaking module, I need a partner.My Skype I’d is gagan.can.

  17. Hello 🙂 I am preparing for IELTS exam but my speaking is really bad. I need speaking partner. My exam time is December 19th. Skype:melisa.gu1. Feel free to contact me as soon as possible.

  18. If you are interested in having conversations and practice your speaking, Writing skill, please feel free to contact me through my account on Skype: BHUIYAN.SADDAM
    – Thanks.

  19. Hi everyone,
    I need to improve my English Skills preparing for studying abroad. I am really glad to have practice time with you who has the same purpose with me.
    Love you all.
    If it’s convenient, please contact me on Viber or Zalo by +84971197039.

  20. Hello, Dear potential IETLS Speaking and writing partner, Hope you all are fine there. Do you feel shy to add a unknown friend for conversation in English? Why you’re not going to add me at Skype ID: biz_hr_management_consultant ? Hope mutually be benefited from our mutual day to day practice. Let’s enjoy it for our skill development. Have a lovely day to you all!

  21. Hi this is Mohammad Amin. I need a speaking partner for my IELTS preparation. 12th of December is my intake. Feel free to contact me over Skype: muhammadamin91. Thanks.

  22. I am from Vietnam. I’ve booked my IELTS exam on 12 Dec, 2015. I really want to find a practice partner for speaking. Do you want to join with me? I almost don’t have enough time. ???? My Skype: ime_linh187. Thanks for your help in advance.

    • I am cordially interest to make practice in speaking. My Skype ID: ilias.kansan

  23. Hi all of you. I want to improve my some mistakes in speaking. Anyone who is interested to talk and chat me my no.9592253891. You can follow me on what’s app and on Facebook my ID is king.vicky56@yahoo.com

  24. Hello Everyone,
    I Need speaking partner for IELTS, add me on Skype : shoaibtoberia. Then we can start speaking. I have material but I need partner for my mistakes and correction. Thanks a lot.

    • Hi am interested. If u can practise with me its my whats app no 9815633601.

    • Hi, I am interested if you can practise with me. It’s my whats app No.9815633601.

  25. If you are interested in having conversations and practice your speaking skill, please feel free to contact me through my account on Skype: stilabdo.
    Thanks in advance

  26. I need one speaking partner for IELTS exam to improve my band in Speaking section. WhatsApp number-9573532491. I am from India, Andhra Pradesh.

  27. I am from India and I want to improve my band score in speaking. I need one speaking partner to improve my English.Thank you.

  28. Hello guys, I am Wen from Indonesia, I need speaking partners for my IELTS. By the way I haven ever taken the exam so I don’t know my speaking level :p
    but if you want to help me, please feel free to hit me up on Skype, ID: Idiotnerdgirl

    Cheers, wen.

    • I also want a speaking partner. My WhatsAap number is +91997770215.

  29. Hi, I am looking for a speaking partner whosoevere would help me. Is anybody wants to practice then please contact to me on Skype.. My id is: ms2700550 or cheemasaab200.

  30. Hello everyone,
    I need a female to practice speaking with each other everyday according to the issues on this useful website and as well as on on Cambridge tests 1-10. If you want to practice please email:zahya_61@yahoo.com. Thanks a lot.

  31. Hi! I am Dragan from Europe and I am preparing IELTS exam. I need a speaking partner. My Skype ID: dragan_miletakovic

  32. Hi I’m from Korea and recently I got 6.0 in speaking section. Is there anyone who can help me to improve IELTS speaking score??? I need to pull it up to at least 7.0
    My Skype id is wkdwltn100 please send a message if you need speaking partner.

      • Hi I’m interested. If you can practice with me, that is my whatsapp no.8195844493… msg me..

    • Hi,

      I am an IELTS counselor and I have been teaching IELTS from last six years. I can surely help you, let me know when do you want to start IELTS practice through skype.


  33. Hi, I need help. I need answer of this cue card which i will write down.. So please write in simple form.

    Describe a company where your friends and family like to work together.

    – where the company will located?
    – what type of work company does?
    – how it help the member?

  34. Hi, I want to improve my spoken English. If anybody could help me so please go ahead. This is my Skype id ruqaiyya_amin

    • I am looking for speaking partners.
      Skype ID :- prasannaindia
      whatsup number +6593388964

    • Hi! I’m looking for a speaking partner. I need to improve my speaking skills. Would you mind to help me.
      Many Thanks.

  35. Anyone who wants to partner with me for speaking practice? just add me on Skype: fameobenza

    I’m from Philippines.

  36. I also need to find a partner who would help me to improve speaking skills. My skype id is sumit.kumar1836.

    • Hi Ms Yen Tran, do you want to practise English with me? Add me via Viber 0909542370

      • Hi I am Rony. I am from Bangladesh. I need partner for IELTS Practice. So anybody can join me for practice ….. 01681532216 it’s my cell phone, viber, imo, whatsapp number ……..

        • I am Jeenet. I am a keralite. I have to improve my English. My WhatsApp number is 8301879166.

          • Hi, Miss Jeenet, I am also looking for a friend with whom I can improve my speaking. Could you join me on WhatsApp?

  37. hello iam from India I want to improve ielts speaking Those who r interested can mess be Skype I’d Manuka vineeth

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