IELTS Graph Writing Vocabulary – Quiz 1

This quiz is designed to let you assess your vocabulary level for the IELTS Academic graph writing (task 1). While describing a graph you need to use certain vocabularies to present the data and their changing patterns/ comparisons/ contrasts. Besides, you need to use vocabularies to show the summary, overall trend, and so on and this quiz comes with questions that you should be able to easily answer if you have a moderate level of vocabulary.

Let’s take the quiz and find out your proficiency.This quiz has 20 questions in total. So sit tight and take the test without any interruption.

If all your answers are correct, you are ready to practise some real Graph Questions from

To enhance your vocabulary level, we recommend you revise them from Vocabulary for Graph Writing

1. To denote a moderate change you should use…






2. Which of the following would you use to present the fall?






3. In 2015, the total number of students in Merry School was 2000. This number reduced by 10% in 2016 and again increased by 5%  in the year 2017.

What was the total number of students in Merry School in 2017?






4. Which of the following is an ‘adjective’?






5. Oscillate‘ should be used to denote…






6. Which of the following could not be used to show an unchanged movement in a graph.






7. Which of the following does not belong to this group?






8. Which one of the following you should NOT use to show the general trend of a graph?






9. Which of the following does NOT show standability of a data trend?






10. ‘A minor change/small difference’ should be presented using…






11. What is another way to say ‘a dramatic rise’?






12. Which one does not belong to this group?






13. To denote the bottom/ lowest point of a trend, you should use…






14. Quadrupled‘ means…






15. ‘From 2000 to 2010’ can also be presented as…






16. 79% of something in a chart can be expressed using which of the following?






17. Which of the following is an ‘adverb’?






18. Which of the following can’t be used to show an upward trend?






19. Which one is NOT a synonym of ‘increase‘?






20. Which of the following is not a ‘noun’?






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  1. Great quiz. My students with these exercises have passed their IELTS exam. Thank you.

  2. Really nice. It is really very helpful to me for enhancing my vocabulary.

  3. I need someone to check my writing task 2. Can someone check it?

  4. My performance was rated as UNBEATABLE… I am really excited about it… This quiz made me feel more relaxed and reduced my stress. Thanks a lot.

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