GT Writing Preparation for Task 2.

Please send me general writing task 1 and task 2 materials to score 7+.
Structure type needed for task 2 for different types of essays.
For the IELTS writing task 2, I need to understand the structure of an essay. There are many ways mentioned at different websites. Which one to choose is a big challenge.
Could you please send me more materials for GT writing task 2?
I need to prepare for writing task 1 and 2. Any tips will be helpful.
Waleed Mohamed el Said Ali
There are many opinions about the structure of each type of essay on task 2 and this makes me confused. So I need your help to provide me with good materials.
Could you please send some examples of the GT writing test task 2?
Please share the GT Writing Preparation materials for Task 2.
Vida Mendoza Obias
Can you please send me Writing Task 2 sample questions to enhance my writing?
Akshat Burreja
If you could send me the materials for writing an essay & letter, that would be great.