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IELTS Academic writing task 1 - Table Chart




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I want to train in writing and speaking of IELTS.
Good job.
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Yes, a single question might consist of more than one tables though it is less likely. You can expect a combination of table and another type of graph.
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Please practise more and more to enhance your band score.
Hi, Speaking test: Go to some sites and collect frequently given words such as subject, animals, pollution types.Reading Test: Practise question types- Yes/ No/ NG are in the same order in the paragraph, these are included in IELTS preparation book from British Council. If you know the question types, it is easy to locate answers.Writing: read essays as much as possible. Search some topics via google then you can get ideas. And write them as advantages and disadvantages.Speaking: Go through the speaking topics and collect words.Good Luck ..... Always believe yourself...Thanks, Rash.
Hey IELTS Mentor, I am preparing for my IELTS exam. I have taken it already 3 times but I did not get a good band score ever. I got 5.5 each in modules every time. Please help me with my IELTS examination. My requirement is 6.5 in each module. In the listening test, I listen properly but the main problem is that I make spelling mistakes. In the reading section, I have problems in TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN, the question answer, as well as in fill up the blanks type questions. For writing task, please tell me about writing task 2. In task 2, I don't have ideas about what I should write and what vocabulary to use. Same problems in speaking tasks - idea generation. Please help me. My email address is kaurh4245@gmail .com. Please send me September speaking Cue Cards topics.
Can there be more than one table in academic writing task 1?
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Parvinder Singh
Problem in writing task 1 and 2.
Abhishek Gaur
Writing part 1.