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I am extremely interested in the mentor app to practice. My email address is dominic881@gmail.com.
Please help and send all the reading to my email.
Hi, I am from Mumbai and preparing for IELTS GT. I'm looking for a serious speaking partner. My Skype is shiv8070 & Instagram is shivsingh9070. Please contact me as a speaking partner.
Đặng Hồng Diễm
I want to learn to speak English like a native.
For online assistance for IELTS, anyone can drop me an email at bhakkar.bindia@gmail.com.
My number is 9705238625.
I am also waiting for a good speaking partner. My number is 9705238625.
I would like to take a general training IELTS next month. I have written academic IELTS in April.
Same problem with me! If you are really interested, we can help each other.
Anjali Madhav
Hi, recently I have started academic IELTS classes and I am not very good at speaking. So, I need a partner for speaking. I really need someone to practise with, thank you.
Hi, I am from Mumbai and preparing for GT IELTS. I am also looking for some serious speaking partners.

Skype- shiv8070
Instagram- shivsingh9070

Simranjit Singh
You can practice with me.
Hi, I am Amandeep Singh and I am also preparing for my IELTS exam.
My WhatsApp number is 01735573420.
My number is 8847228213. I can be your speaking partner if any want. For having conversations, please call me.
:sad: :-| :D
Are the essays same for both Academic and GT IELTS tests?
Hi, you can do speaking practice with me. I also want 7.5 band score.
I want an IELTS speaking partner. Please message me on WhatsApp no. 9653411264 also message me on email hk698390@gmail.com. Please, anybody who is good at speaking, do contact me quickly.
My number is 0093789974706, WhatsApp and Viber number.
I need IELTS speaking partners to get higher band score in IELTS. My Viber and WhatsApp number is 0093789974706. You are most welcome for enjoying speaking hours. Thanks - Hamza.
Hi, I'm Vahid, looking forward to having a hardworking partner so that both of us can improve our "Speaking Skill" by having a regular exercise. I have an immigration plan and because of it, I need at least 7 band score. If you are looking for a hardworking partner, I would like to say that you are right beside him. Please call me if you are serious and want to have a regular program in training, for example, at least one hour a day. I'm an Iranian and our Timezone is about +3:30 GMT. My Phone number is +989358352918 which you can call me through WhatsApp and Telegram. Also, I have a Skype ID "Takta90", but I'm usually online on WhatsApp.
Lovely website. Very helpful. I hope you keep up helping aspirants as you have been. Love IELTS Mentor. I wish all listening practice tests play sound because some of them show to be private.
Abdullah Assadiq
I want to thank the person who made IELTS Mentor. It helps me a lot in preparation. I hope they achieve more success. Owe you thanks and gratitude.
Guru Judge
Proved quite useful...