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The University of Manchester
Thank you.
Thanks for your support.
Sukhmanbir Kaur
Please provide vocabulary related to the most important topics.
Md Fakhrul Islam
I want to learn from this website because this site is the most popular among the learners.
Md Maynul Hossain
Go ahead with your best creativity.
Md Maynul Hossain
Create excellent IELTS Content.
I need speaking videos.
Enayet Hossain
I want to develop my English language skills.
Muhammad Zakriya
I am new here.
Rishi Tamang
I am new here! - Regards - Rishi Tamang.
IELTS Mentor
Hi, Rishi Tamang;

Welcome to our website. We hope it would help you with your IELTS preparation.

I am extremely interested in the mentor app to practice. My email address is dominic881@gmail.com.
Please help and send all the reading to my email.
Hi, I am from Mumbai and preparing for IELTS GT. I'm looking for a serious speaking partner. My Skype is shiv8070 & Instagram is shivsingh9070. Please contact me as a speaking partner.
Đặng Hồng Diễm
I want to learn to speak English like a native.
Ani Ifeoma
I want to learn to speak good English like a native.
For online assistance for IELTS, anyone can drop me an email at bhakkar.bindia@gmail.com.
My number is 9705238625.
I am also waiting for a good speaking partner. My number is 9705238625.
I would like to take a general training IELTS next month. I have written academic IELTS in April.
Same problem with me! If you are really interested, we can help each other.
Anjali Madhav
Hi, recently I have started academic IELTS classes and I am not very good at speaking. So, I need a partner for speaking. I really need someone to practise with, thank you.
Hi, I am from Mumbai and preparing for GT IELTS. I am also looking for some serious speaking partners.

Skype- shiv8070
Instagram- shivsingh9070

Simranjit Singh
You can practice with me.
Hi, I am Amandeep Singh and I am also preparing for my IELTS exam.
My WhatsApp number is 01735573420.
My number is 8847228213. I can be your speaking partner if any want. For having conversations, please call me.
:sad: :-| :D
Are the essays same for both Academic and GT IELTS tests?
Hi, you can do speaking practice with me. I also want 7.5 band score.
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Hi, I'm Vahid, looking forward to having a hardworking partner so that both of us can improve our "Speaking Skill" by having a regular exercise. I have an immigration plan and because of it, I need at least 7 band score. If you are looking for a hardworking partner, I would like to say that you are right beside him. Please call me if you are serious and want to have a regular program in training, for example, at least one hour a day. I'm an Iranian and our Timezone is about +3:30 GMT. My Phone number is +989358352918 which you can call me through WhatsApp and Telegram. Also, I have a Skype ID "Takta90", but I'm usually online on WhatsApp.
Lovely website. Very helpful. I hope you keep up helping aspirants as you have been. Love IELTS Mentor. I wish all listening practice tests play sound because some of them show to be private.
Abdullah Assadiq
I want to thank the person who made IELTS Mentor. It helps me a lot in preparation. I hope they achieve more success. Owe you thanks and gratitude.
Guru Judge
Proved quite useful...
Guru Judge
Quite useful IELTS resources...
Anil Pandey
IELTS Mentor is my good friend for preparation.
Rehan Ahmed
I learn about IELTS coures.