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This page (titled "Useful IELTS Website Links") contains links/URLs to some excellent IELTS websites and IELTS-related resources which would help you prepare better for the test. Each website listed here has great resources, exam tips, strategies, questions, answers, FAQs and other information that can answer virtually any question you have related to IELTS. It'd also help you further prepare for the test to achieve a higher band score. Hope you will take advantage of these resources, boost your confidence, and get ready to crack the exam.

The resources listed here could also be handy as they have been hand-picked by IELTS teachers and are loved by IELTS Candidates. So go through these resources and take your understanding of IELTS and your exam preparation to the next level.


Official IELTS Websites:  The official IELTS website - the most reliable website for any information related to the IELTS test, IELTS registration and IELTS result. Whenever you have any doubt about any information related to IELTS, this is the website you should browse to eliminate your doubt. It contains a test centre locator function, which you can use to find your nearest test centre. You can also book your test online from this website.  This is the British Council's official website. The British Council is one of the three organisations/partners who run and administer IELTS. You can book a test from this website to take the test with the British Council. They offer reliable test information that you can rely upon without any hesitation. Any change in the test or registration process would be given here. This website is much more than only IELTS. It offers resources for studying and staying abroad, resources for teachers, information related to Arts, Educations and Society, and so on.  Cambridge is also one of three organisations that administer and run IELTS. They provide up-to-date IELTS-related information on their website that you can trust without any doubt. This website is dedicated to providing resources and information about learning English. This website has information on 'visa and immigration', 'study abroad', 'resources for teaching English for teachers', 'English assessment tests' and many other useful resources for people of all ages and countries.  IDP is an Australian organisation, and also one of the three owners of the IELTS test. This website is very popular for booking the test with IDP and offers reliable information. It offers authentic information about paper-based and computer-delivered IELTS, IELTS for UKVI and IELTS Scores. You can get a lot more information than just IELTS from this website including but not limited to studying abroad, living abroad, finding an institution for studying, scholarship to study abroad, choosing a suitable course and so on. You can find free Practice test by IDP from  This is the British Council's dedicated resource section for IELTS and it is worth visiting for the resources it has. It illustrates why you should take IELTS, which test format is suitable for you, how to book a test and many other resources. From this page, you can download " IELTS Test Takers Brochure' and 'Infomation for Candidates'. You can find free IELTS practice tests from free-ielts-practice-tests

Unofficial Yet Great Websites:  This is an excellent website that comes with several sample questions and answers. This website is maintained by an individual who produces great resources for IELTS. It also happens to be one of the most popular unofficial IELTS websites around. If you are looking for past IELTS questions and their answers as well as some useful tips to further your preparation for IELTS, this is perhaps the website you are looking for. This website also has resources for "PTE Academic" and "IELTS Life Skills". It has a dedicated exam tips section that is worth looking at.  This website possibly has the best collection of video resources for IELTS that are presented by really professional and friendly people. These video resources range from simple tips to complex writing strategies. For some students watching and learning from videos is easier and more effective than reading long texts and then understanding them. For them, this is perhaps the best resource around. What we like most about this website is that the resources are all for free.  This is perhaps the most popular unofficial IELTS website among IELTS candidates for IELTS preparation lessons, and tips. This website is run by Elizabeth (Liz) who is an ex-examiner of the IELTS test. Students simply love her for her simple yet effective tips that help thousands of students reach their dream score in IELTS. It contains the largest collection of preparation materials for different modules of IELTS. Liz also sells books on IELTS and has advanced IELTS lessons for a paid membership on her website.  This website has a rich collection of IELTS materials, lessons, tips and sample answers that are worth looking at for IELTS Preparation. It offers module-based resource and its navigation system is quite user-friendly which makes finding any resource much easier. This website also has materials for IELTS vocabulary, IELTS Life Skills, eBooks and many more. IELTS Buddy is one of the highly recommended websites for every IELTS candidate.  This is a nice website, and it is dedicated to GT IELTS candidates. It has a large number of sample answers, tips and dedicated GT IELTS resources that could be really useful for the GT IELTS test-takers. This website has more than 100 letter samples that GT candidates should read and get ideas about the types of letters they will need to write in their writing tests. It also has a good number of resources for the IELTS Life Skills test and it offers some quizzes to boost the confidence of the test-takers. Finally, the essays the site has added are excellent in terms of idea generation and helping candidates write their own essays.  We simply love this website and the person (Fiona) behind this excellent website. Fiona helps people develop essential skills they need to enhance their English skills, which eventually contributes to achieving a higher band score in the IELTS exam. This website has a great number of resources and Fiona makes them easier to use. This website also has fabulous step-by-step lessons that will walk you through different modules of the test.  This website has great resources for the IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card section, which is the second part of the IELTS Speaking exam. It also has a number of Speaking Part 1 and Part 3 questions and their answers for your preparation for the IELTS Speaking Test. It has around 400 cue card topics with answers and these answers are handy for candidates to read and get ideas about how to generate their own ideas for common as well as difficult Candidate Task Card topics.

Buy Original IELTS Books from Cambridge: If you want to buy original Cambridge IELTS Books from Cambridge Publication, you should visit this website. You can buy a paperback and/or online bundle books from there. You can find Cambridge IELTS books as well as other really helpful and resourceful books and practice guides from this website. Those books and materials are great for self-preparation and assessment.

Free Online courses:

Course 1: IELTS Academic Test Preparation [from edX]  Click here to enrol

Course 2: IELTS Academic Reading & Listening [from Udemy] Click here to enrol

Course 3: IELTS top tips [from Udemy] Click here to enrol

Course 4: IELTS Reading - Tips and tricks for 7+ [from Udemy] Click here to enrol

IELTS Band Score Calculator: In this article, Liz explains how IELTS Band scores are calculated. This is an elaborated yet simple explanation of the IELTS Band score. This is another great IELTS Band score explanation from the official IELTS website. Every candidate who is preparing for IELTS or going to take the IELTS exam should read this article to understand how their performance in each module would be scored. The explanation comes with a few examples that make it easier to understand. IELTS Blog has a visual band score calculator that you can use to calculate your Overall Band Score by entering the band scores of four modules.

How is the Overall Band Score calculated?

The Overall Band Score in IELTS is the average of the four components (Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking) scores achieved by a test-taker, rounded to the nearest whole or half band. An example of a whole band score is '7.0' while an example of a half band score could be '6.5'. The scores of each component are weighted equally while calculating the Overall Band Score.

If the average of the scores in four components ends in .25, the Overall Band Score is rounded up to the next half band (that is .5, and if it ends in .75, the Overall Band Score is rounded up to the next whole band. So, if the average of four components for a candidate is 6.25, he/she would be awarded the band score 6.5. And if the average is 6.75, he/she would be awarded an Overall Band Score of 7.0.

Similarly, if the average of four components ends with a fraction which is below .25 or .75, the overall score is rounded down. For example, if someone's average score in four components is 6.20, his/her Overall Band Score would be 6.0, and if the average is 6.65, he/she would be awarded an Overall Band Score of 6.5.

Warning: If you ever come across a website, a person, any social media post, a chat group on WhatsApp, Viber, or any other online resource that claims to offer you an IELTS certificate without taking the test, or says that they have inside resources and personnel who can enhance your test score or provide you with the exam questions, be sure that 'it's a SCAM!' They are just trying to give you false hope to earn some easy money from you while making you a fool and a victim of a heinous scam. NEVER fall for such a trap.

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IELTS is not easy. Only students comprehension and analytical skills are important. Constant practice and confidence are needed for the IELTS. Review and train harder since the test fee is not that cheap. It needs you to give it all. Practice more please for a better score.
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