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Pavan Kumar Roy
Hi all, I am from India and I am planning to take my IELTS test on January 16th 2020. Although I am having some basic skills in speaking, I am looking forward to improving my speaking skills by that time by regular practice i.e, atleast half an hour a day. So, I request you all, please do contact me if anyone is looking forward with the same concern. Moreover, my contact number is +919490080393.
I am seeking for a speaking partner to enhance my speaking skills. If you are interested WhatsApp me on 8825575962.
Send me a message about how can I contact you.
My email id is amuthandeyaga@g & My WhatsApp number is 8825575962.
Better for us.
Hi everyone, I am Ehsan from Iran and looking for speaking partners. I am hoping that someone will practice with me because I would like to immigrate to Canada to study and for my art working. My WhatsApp number is +989357469402.
Hi Ahsan, I think you have done your IELTS and I am searching for a partner to improve my speaking skills. If you are available, please contact me at +923144649717.
Yeah, I'm interested. Have you finished your IELTS test?

Manpreet Singh Gill
Hey Everyone,
My name is Manpreet Singh and I am preparing for my IELTS exam and I want to improve my speaking skill. So, anyone who is interested in speaking can text me on my WhatsApp number- 8872200147 or can call me on this number. Thank You!

Hi buddies, this is Rohit, an IELTS trainer. I train all modules of IELTS and TOEFL. If any of you need some help on any of 4 modules, just leave an email to me. My email address is