Knowing about IELTS exam modules, test formats and other details is utterly important. You cannot expect a high band score in IELTS if you do not know the type of sections and questions you are likely to encounter in the original IELTS exam.

This section is designed to give you as many details as possible about the IELTS test. Learn who runs and administer the IELTS, test eligibility, what type of questions you need to answer, test length, the number of questions, registration process, cancellation process, retaking the exam, scoring details and much more from this section and have a solid ground to register or prepare for the test.

‘What is IELTS?’ Gives you comprehensive details about the IELTS test, 4 sections of IELTS, the difference between Academic and GT module, band score interpretation, the purpose of IETLS test and what skills are tested in IELTS test. Even if you think you know all about IETLS, skim through this page to make sure you really do know.

‘About IELTS’  gives even more details about the test and answers many question test-takers often wonder.   

‘How IELTS is Scored?’ focuses particularly on IELTS scoring methods and this is important for you to know to assess and interpret your possible score when you take a mock test online or in an IELTS training institute.

‘How IELTS writing is Evaluated’ gives details on criteria used to mark your writing section. Use this information to assess your own writing. Knowing these details will also help you understand the areas you need to focus more to achieve a high band score.

‘IELTS Registration’ page was aimed to assist you in registering for the test.

‘IELTS Exam’ explains the IELTS test in brief and categorise different sections of this test.

‘IELTS FAQ’ lists down most commonly asked questions about the IELTS test, registration, exam format, result and so on to give you more insights into the test. It also links to other useful resources that will further explain the test and its regulations.

‘IELTS Myths’ is an interesting section in terms of its contents. It deals with myths, mysteries and lies surrounded by the IELTS test and also warns you about misconceptions, pitfalls and scammers who might ruin your time, money and jeopardise your future. 

'Know IELTS' section is a compilation of different sub-sections that gives information about IELTS to a great extent. It has information and in-depth discussion about 'what is IELTS', 'Computer-delivered IELTS', 'How IELTS is Scored', IELTS Registration', 'IELTS Myth' and os on. This section and its sub-sections will definitely help you understand the exam to the extent you need to know about it.