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Karen McAllion
Hi there, I am wondering if I can get your permission to use parts of your text "Culture Shock". I am an English as a Second Language teacher at Kangan Institute, a not-for-profit TAFE. I am creating tasks for my students. The tasks will not be published and will be used by our students only.

Thanking you, Karen McAllion

IELTS Mentor Admin
Hi Karen McAllion,

Feel free to use a part of the article that you have mentioned.

Bernard Ukomadu
I would like to ask if can use some of the practice materials on your website in my textbook but not to be published online.

Bernard Ukomadu
Hi there,
I would like to know if I can use some of the practice materials in a textbook I am working on but to be published online?

Hello, I would like to ask if it’s ok to use your reading passages for reading exams for my students?

Thank you.

You can use them to teach your students. But you are not permitted to publish the resources online. Also, credit to our website would be highly appreciated.
Hello, I hope you are doing well. I would like to ask if I can use the practice material on this website to teach students.

Thank you, Noha.

Amine Khamlich

I am compiling materials for a course of English to be used as a supplementary textbook with my public high school students, in Casablanca Morocco. The course will be used for educational, non-commercial purposes. Would it be alright if I used some of the content, like texts, from your website?

Thank you.