IELTS Vocabulary

Lexical Resources (also known as words or vocabulary) is one of the fours marking criteria in IELTS Speaking and Writing tests. Besides, you will get no marks if you spell incorrectly in your Reading and Listening tests. Thus spelling and vocabulary are vital to get a good band score in your IELTS.

This section of our website categorises different vocabularies and gives you an excellent opportunity to learn them to maximise your band score. Some of these vocabularies will help you learn how to write an academic report, which words to use in what types of letters, how to present a coherent argument in your essay, vocabulary for better writing, academic vocabulary and so on.


Vocabulary for IELTS Academic Writing Task 1

Vocabulary for IELTS GT Writing Task 1

Vocabulary for IELTS Essay/ Writing Task 2

Linking Words for IELTS Essay Writing

Useful Words and Phrases to use in IELTS Essay

Vocabulary for better writing

Useful Expressions to use in Speaking part 3

IELTS Necessary Vocabulary

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