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Hello, I need a friend to practise for the IELTS exam.
Hello, I'm Mohsin from Qatar, highly interested in admission in General IELTS exam. Could you assist me in how to get better guidelines & do preparation?
Muhammad Arifur Rahman
I am preparing for the IELTS exam. Yesterday, I got the link of this website. I think it will be really helpful for me and everyone.
Pranali said :
Hello, I have started my IELTS preparation. So I require a friend for speaking practice. You can contact me on Skype (alcholepran).

Islam Rayhan
Hello, Pranali, I am also looking for a friend for my IELTS preparation. If you are interested, then we can start the practice.
I am also looking for a partner.
Gautam Arora
Hi Sukhpreet, I'm looking for a speaking partner too. It would be nice if we can help each other in improving our speaking skills. Thanks.
Ok, I will your speaking partner.
My Instagram is "69bahrambahram. and I am ready to speak English with you.

I am ready to talk to you.