IELTS Apology Letter

In our life, we often need to apologise in writing to someone for something we've done or said that we believe might have hurt someone or caused any trouble. In such situations, we write an apology letter. An apology letter mainly expresses that we are sorry for our action or words. We also apologise sometimes for not being able to present somewhere when we are expected.
Title Modified Date
Letter Writing # 275 - You have arranged a meeting with a business partner 26 April 2023
Letter Writing # 266 - Change the dates of the visit to your friend in Australia 26 April 2023
Letter Writing # 197 - You borrowed an important textbook from a classmate 26 April 2023
Letter Writing # 145 - You are having a graduation party next Saturday 26 April 2023
Your neighbours have written to complain about noise - GT Writing Task 1: Sample 3 04 April 2024