IELTS Cue Card Sample 224 - Something you like doing during the winter

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe something you like doing during the winter.

You should say:

  • what it is
  • when and where you usually do it
  • who you usually have with you

and explain why you do this activity during the winter.


Model Answer 1:
I live in a beautiful country which takes different looks in different seasons just as it takes a different look during the winter season also. In fact, I prefer winter season a bit more to the other seasons because I can do a lot of things during this time. One such thing that I really like doing during this season is to attend a special cake festival.

This cake festival is undoubtedly one of the most popular food festivals of my country since people from all over of my county gather at a certain place in the city, where I live, with all kinds of “pitha” ( “cake” in plain English) which are mostly made from date palm jaggery.

This particular festival takes place mostly during the late afternoon time and can continue until mid night. The participants of this festival make so many different kinds of cakes with so many different shapes and sizes that it will be almost impossible to try them all in just one day. Needless to say, all of the cakes there taste just so delicious as they all have different taste, flavour and aroma.

By the way, it must be mentioned here that a lot of efforts and times go behind preparing these delicious cakes. Anyway, apart from date palm jaggery, regular sugar and brown sugar are also used to make other kinds of cakes which also taste good. However, these cakes by no means are cheap, so one has to be ready to pay a handsome amount of money to try those delicious cakes. But, of course, I and my friends don’t really have to pay much money because we all have been given some kind of discount cards to buy them at a cheaper rate. Lucky us!

Anyway, I like this particular activity during the winter time, mainly because I just love to eat those delicious cakes which are not normally made at my home. Besides, it also offers me an opportunity to meet different kinds of interesting people from different parts of my country and build some kind of friendship with them.


Sample Answer 2:
Winter usually lasts for three months in our country and apart from the extreme winter days, people enjoy this season to a great extent. Lifestyles and activities of people between summertime and winter seasons differ noticeably, and we often do things in winter that we do not like to do in the summer season. One activity that I particularly enjoy doing during the winter season is playing badminton.  

It has become a custom in our country to play the badminton during the winter season. At the beginning of the winter season, I ask some of my friends to prepare a badminton court near our home and then arrange other equipment and tools that we need to play this game. Usually, after 8:00 we gather in the playground and play for about two hours.

Playing badminton is a good way of exercising and I love to play this game. This is a great way of physical exertion as well as an enjoyable game. Apart from that, it helps our friends to have a reason to get together even in our tight and busy schedule. For all these reasons, I like this particular activity during the winter season.


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