IELTS Cue Card Sample 241 - What type of dress you like to wear on special occasions

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe what type of dress you like to wear on special occasions

You should say:

  • what type of dress it as
  • on what occasions you wear this type of dress
  • whether other people wear a similar dress on special occasions

and explain why you like to wear this type of dress on special occasions.


Model Answer 1:

I am one of those persons who put more emphasizes on the weather and the mood in choosing dresses instead of any occasions whether they are special or not. But, I think, there is one particular type of dresses which I like to wear more than the others on special occasions, so I will go ahead and talk about that dress here.

The dress, I like to wear on most occasions, is a white or yellow shirt in half-sleeve. And to go with it, I also like to wear pants, preferably black or navy blue, and black or brown dress shoes. Of course, before I wear them, I want to make sure that my shirts and pants are nicely ironed and spotlessly cleaned. Besides, I also want all of my clothes to be made from purely cotton fabric even though, these days, it is really difficult to get them.

By the way, I like to wear this particular type of dress in all kinds of weather, unless it is really cold, and to all types of special occasions whether I am attending a wedding ceremony, birthday party, formal meeting, graduation ceremonies, family reunion party or religious ceremonies. Besides, I also like to wear this particular dress when I am attending any formal dinner party whether it is at a restaurant or at home. So, really, the choices are limitless as far as the question of on what occasions, I like to wear this dress.

I think that many other people also like to wear this particular dress on different kinds of special occasions.

Well, I like to wear this particular dress, primarily because they look really classy and elegant on me because of my complexion and physical structure. I like to wear this particular dress also because they are lightweight and don’t really stick with my body in an uncomfortable way. Finally, I like to wear them because they don’t really look worn out or shine-less, no matter how long I wear them for, or how roughly I use them. All in all, it is a good dress to wear.


Sample Answer 2:

The type of dress I wear on special occasions mostly depends on the occasion types and the custom of dresses people usually wears on those occasions. However, for the majority of these special occasions, I like to wear formal pants, shirts, suits and formal shoes.

I usually wear it to participate in any meeting, social pragmas like the wedding ceremony, birthday celebration, official a program arranged by a relative. Yes, this is a common dress that many other people wear on those sorts of occasions. But some people wear different dresses as well. The teenagers who attend social programs usually wear jeans and t-shirts but the adults mostly wear this dress.

This dress code is a safe one to wear. First of all this dress matches the weather all around the year in my country. Secondly, this is a dress which is safe to wear as people won’t criticise people who usually wear this dress on special occasions. This dress does not catch much attention and would give the impression that the person is rightly dressed.


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