IELTS Cue Card Sample 246 - Describe a hobby that someone in your family has

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a hobby that someone in your family has.

You should say:

  • what hobby it is
  • who has this hobby
  • how he/she maintains this hobby

and say if you would enjoy doing the same thing or not.


Model Answer 1:
My eldest brother is a rather simple person. Outside of his work, eating and sleeping, he doesn’t exactly have much going on in his life except one thing. And that one thing is watching old and classic movies from all around the world.

Now, I am not sure how many people in this world has this hobby of watching old and classic movies, but I am assuming that they must be quite a significant number since many movie clubs have the collections of so many old days movies. In other words, if there were no demands for these old and classic movies, the movie clubs wouldn’t exactly have so many of them in their collection. But, luckily, when it comes to my elder brother, he doesn’t really have to join a movie club or anything to watch his favourite movies, instead, all he does is to visit some video stores in his town and pick up some random old movies whichever fits his taste. In return, of course, the video store owners charge him some extra money since these old and classic movies aren’t always easy to find, but my elder brother doesn’t really mind that extra charge.

By the way, my eldest brother isn’t exactly a very technical person. Moreover, downloading illegal copies movie from the internet isn’t exactly something he would be doing. Of course, sometimes I download a few of them. Now, I am not sure how many old movies my eldest brother really has in his collection, but by looking at the stacks of videos, CDs and DVDs anyone would think that they must be quite a few hundred.

Anyway, I am really happy and glad for my eldest brother because of this hobby of his, but I don’t really think that I would enjoy it even a fraction of how much my brother does. And, the reason for this is that I like to watch mostly new movies. To me, except for some really good classic old movies, most old moves are just for old people, and I am no old person. Besides, I don’t really have that much time to enjoy movies like my brother.


Sample Answer 2:
My younger sister has a hobby that I found interesting and this is a rare hobby in my experience. My younger sister’s name is (…say a name….) and she is a bright and intelligent girl. Her academic record is enviable and she had been the headline of our local newspaper for her extraordinary merit in mathematics.

She has a hobby of collecting famous persons’ picture from the newspaper. She already has more than 5 volumes of albums which are full of the faces of famous people. She has maintained an index for the famous person’s name and all of the pictures were collected from the local and international newspapers. She had a few other hobbies that I noticed different times including blog writing and stamp collecting but I have never found her that much fascinated with other hobbies as I found her with the current one she has.

One day she told me that when she would be around 26 years old, she would make a Guinness record for the hobby she has. I am not sure if that’s going to be fulfilled or not but I find her hobby very interesting. We have 2 newspapers in our house and she mostly collects pictures of famous persons from those newspapers. Sometimes she goes to the nearby library that has almost all the local and international newspapers and she had made a way to have the pictures from the old newspapers from this library.

I have thought about her hobby several times and I venerate her hobby and I am sure the hobby helps her to learn about famous persons. But personally, I would not be that much interested in having the same hobby. First of all, adopting this particular hobby would put me in a position that others would think that I have simply copied my sister's idea and I have more interest in blogging and content writing and collecting coins than simply collecting pictures from newspapers.


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