Cue Card # 255 - Describe a foreign product you would like to buy

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a foreign product you would like to buy.

You should say:

  •  what product it is
  •  when you want to buy it
  •  whether it has any special feature

and explain why you want to buy it.


Model Answer 1:

Given how we live in a global village today where virtually every country in this world does business and commerce with each other, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to actually identify which are the foreign products and which are not. Nevertheless, I will try my best to pick up one foreign product and tell you why I want to buy it, and if it has any special features.

Anyway, the foreign product, I would like to buy, is a motorbike called “Harley Davidson”.  Now, for those, who are crazy about the motorbike, and who want to make a statement through their motorbikes, it is not really necessary to introduce Harley Davidson anew. But, to say a little about it - the Harley Davidson motorcycle arguably is the best metallic road warrior in the whole wide world.  

Starting its journey in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin of USA, Harley Davidson motorbike has mesmerized motorbike lovers from all over the world because of its special features which may include their design as well as their additional horsepower, way more than you would ever need, have made it one of the most sought-after two-wheeled vehicles of the world. Not to mention, of course, its extraordinarily rapid acceleration ability, more like a 747 Boeing Aircraft taking off, as well as its perceived “coolness” has made the Harley Davidson bikes the dream bikes for millions of bike lovers of all ages.

Oh, did I mention their design? Well, Harleys are designed like riding a horse. In fact, its riding position is very similar to horse riding. Pretty unique, isn’t it? Well, I would not want to wait more than two months to own one of these super beasts as I already have the necessary budget.

Anyway, I want to buy this foreign product, primarily because it is certainly the most dependable and comfortable bike one could ever ride, as has been described by a number of bikers who I know. Besides, I want to buy it also because it would allow me to make a fashion statement to my friends and relatives. Finally, I want to buy it because it seems to be so different, as far as its designs are concerned, from the other bikes.


Sample Answer 2:

In our country, we produce many products and goods that we export to different other countries. On the contrary, we also import many foreign products starting from food, electronic devices, toys, cars, and so on. The foreign product that I would like to buy is a Japanese car. This particular car that I have in mind is manufactured by a famous Japanese automobile manufacturing brand named "Nissan", and I would like to buy one of the latest model cars of this brand.

I do not own a car now, and I mostly rely on public transportation for commuting. However, I have been planning to purchase a private car for the last two years or so. I started saving a budget, and I guess I am now ready to own a car of my own.

As for when I want to buy it; well, I would like to purchase it within a couple of months. I went through some websites and did some research on the internet about the available cars in our city. And I found that that car is a good match with my budget and requirement.

Yes, the auto navigation by the map is a great feature of this car, and it would help me find locations very easily using the GPRS facility. This is a special feature of this car that I am looking to have.

I think the car that I have planned to buy is really good in terms of its price and the facilities it offers. Furthermore, Japan has a reputation for producing the finest cars, and in my opinion, purchasing a car manufactured by a famous Japanese automobile manufacturing company would be a good deal for me.


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