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IELTS Cue Card Sample 269 - Describe a study tour or excursion you have enjoyed

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a study tour or excursion you have enjoyed.

You should say:

  • when it was
  • where you went
  • how you reached there

and explain why you enjoyed it.


Model Answer 1:

Up and until I took a study tour to the University of Dhaka, the largest public university of my country, Bangladesh, the thought of having a study tour never really interested me that much. Today, I would like to talk about this study tour in a bit more details, which I undertook as a high school student about 12 years ago from now.

But, the University of Dhaka was quite far away from where I used to live at that time. So, when our school supervisor made an announcement to us that we were going to the University of Dhaka for a study tour, I didn’t really take the matter so seriously, simply because I had missed all the study tours prior to that one. Besides, I was more like one of those lazy high school student at that time who would rather have fun playing some kinds of video games at home instead of travelling quite some distance in order to see some “damaged palace” or some hundred years world heritage site in the middle of nowhere.

But, this time around, I couldn’t really evade it, as my parents really wanted me to join the other students in that tour because they wanted their “dull” son to become a bit more proactive and smart. So, finally, I also joined about 40 students in a large rented bus which travelled almost 150 kilometres to reach the largest and the oldest university in my country. After reaching there, I was very overwhelmed as I got to roam around such a huge campus with so many students, and so many buildings that had so much history with them.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the tour, primarily because, to begin with, it allowed me to see the countryside on our way, which was really beautiful. I enjoyed the tour, also because I and my classmates managed to take many, many pictures, and I just love taking pictures. Finally, this study tour was a very memorable one because it allowed me to see many famous places and spots at the university which I had only read about in books until then.


Sample Answer 2:

We went to visit Mount Everest a few years back as part of the study tour arranged by our college. It was the year 2011 and I was in the second year of my college at that time. Since it was in a different country (Nepal), we had to collect our visas to enter the country. From our country, we flew to the Nepal National Airport and from there we took a tour bus to reach the camping area near the Himalayas. After a few hours journey, we reached the camping area and we were very excited to be there. We were almost 30 members and four tour guides with us.

Personally, I was very much thrilled to visit the largest mountain peak and when I reached the camping area, I got awestricken. It is beyond explanation in words. The snow-covered mountain, balmy wind, the sound of nature, vast and wide area simply took my heart away. I stayed there for about a week and we did some mount hiking and fire-camping and all of those activities were really exciting and new for me. I enjoyed the nice vacation, natural scenery, companion of my classmates and friends. That was a relief from the busy city life and being close to nature. I enjoyed this tour so much that the whole week seemed like passed just like a fleeting moment. I promised to myself that, I will come back to visit the out-of-the-world place someday.


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