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IELTS Cue Card Sample 271 - Describe a house that you liked when you visited it

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a house that you liked when you visited it for the first time.

You should say:

  • where this house was
  • when and why you went to visit it
  • how it looked like

and explain why you liked this house.


Model Answer 1:

I seldom notice any houses or pay any special attention to them when I visit them. But, then they are some houses which I just can’t help but notice. Today, I would like to talk about once such house that I visited about 10 years ago and liked too.

The house, I am talking about, was more like a vintage home which was probably built around 100 years ago or so. Located in the older part of the city, where my family used to live back then, this particular house must have attracted the attention of many people because of its unique design and large size.

I visited this old house because one of my favourite university teachers lived there, and he invited me to attend the wedding ceremony of her only daughter. Anyway, as soon as I got closed to that old house, I notice that it was surrounded by a 5 feet tall boundary, and adjacent to that boundary were all kinds of flower plants. Then, once I entered the house premise through the boundary gate, I could see a huge two-storey building, with a rather large terrace next to it that was covered by a large umbrella-like structure. The umbrella-like structure was designed so beautifully that anybody would want to sit under it for a while before actually entering the main house building.

Anyway, once I entered the house, I saw a large hall that had a shape of an octagon and that also had some very exquisite looking marble stones on its floor. The house was built at such a perfect elevation from the ground that one would think that the flower trees on the boundary were so close to the house, even though they were actually at least 50 feet away from it.

Anyway, I liked the house, primarily because of its unique design and structure. In fact, I had never really seen any octagon shape house which looked so beautiful. Besides, the marble stones on the floor of that house gave me the impression that whoever had built that house had quite an extraordinary taste.


Sample Answer 2:

I went to visit Ireland (…or say a different country/ city name…) after the completion of my first semester. This would probably be the May 2012 and as I recall it was around 2 weeks’ visit. I went to visit (…say a village or urban area name…), a friend’s house and in this area, there was a gigantic house (more specifically a castle) that caught my eyes.

I heard that my friend’s father had a good connection that would allow us to visit this castle. I went inside the house and walked from floor to floor and it took me more than 4 hours.

This was 200 years’ old castle and I saw a real castle for the first time in my life during this visit. This was a great and different experience. I have read about these castles and even saw them in the movies, but witnessing the castle was something totally different. The castle was built with stones and the area was more than 2 acres. The castle was surrounded by thin lakes and it had well defence systems. Though there was no soldier or guard for war or defence, yet it took me to the feudal age and the history revealed itself in front of me.

The impression of this castle in me will last for a long time. The height of the castle, the shiny stones, stairs, cryptic rooms, large gates gave a totally strange and different view than any other modern buildings I have seen. As this was my first visit to any real castle, I was mesmerised. I have never witnessed anything like this before. I liked the architectural design, height, history related to this, gigantic buildings, defence system, open area, thin lake, the cryptic rooms and war equipment of this castle.


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