Cue Card 275 - Describe a foreign musical festival that you enjoyed

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a foreign musical festival that you enjoyed.

You should say:

  • when you watched it
  • where it was held
  • who was there with you

and explain why you enjoyed this foreign music festival.


Model Answer 1:

People say that Barcelona has it all by the bucket-load. From the architecture of the enchanting Gothic old town to some breathtaking artworks that peppers all over the city, and the endless fiestas that bring the locals out to party in the streets, you just name it, and Barcelona has it. But what people don’t say that it is also the home to one of the biggest and most popular music festivals in the world which I attended and enjoyed about a few years ago.

Now, when I flew from Malaysia to visit Spain, I and couple of my friends had no clue or plan whatsoever for attending the music festival called “Primavera Sound” in Barcelona. In fact, we only flew there to see a close friend who was working and living in a small town called “Terrassa” (only about 25 kilometres from Barcelona). But, as we were roaming in the streets of Barcelona, my friend told me that Barcelona was usually very crowded in the month of June since many music lovers from all over Europe would flock there to enjoy the music festival. My friend even told us that artists from at least 40 countries around the world come to perform there every year, and so it was like a “haven” for music lovers.

Learning about the festival, all of my friends, including me, decided that we would also go to that music festival. After all, it was like a “once in a lifetime opportunity” for us since none of us would know for sure that we would ever come back to Spain again.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the foreign music festival, primarily because it offered me the opportunity to listen to some of the world’s most popular artists live. Besides, they played so many different genres of songs, be it rock, hip hop, electronic, with such a huge range of styles that I was actually struggling to keep up with them. The atmosphere there was so electric, with so much clapping and cheering around us, that I had forgotten about all of the worries of my worldly life for the night.


Sample Answer 2:

During my visit the United Kingdom (...or say a country name you prefer…) I attended a music festival there that I enjoyed thoroughly. I went there all of a sudden when I was roaming the London city with one of my friends. I did not even know about the musical program and when I noticed that a few famous singers would be joining the festival, I decided to attend there.

It was probably 2008 when I was in London to visit my sister’s house and at that time I attended the festival. I am a great enthusiast of music and I usually enjoy music festivals. So I did not miss my chance to attend this festival. The location was second Hampton Street and the festival was in a wide area. As I recall, a small fair and gathering were outside the auditorium and I had to spend a small amount of money to enter the festival.

There were some solo performances by young and rising singers and they performed really well. People applauded their performance very much. The presenter told a great lot about the music and since there were many foreigners, she also introduced the songs and singers in great details. Finally, she told about the music history and the history of England’s music and musical instruments.

The cool breeze, the people with gaudy dresses, the music and singers took my heart away. I was greatly touched with the local songs and when I saw one of my very favourite singers on the stage, I got very much excited. The festival was a different experience for me especially when it was in a different city.


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