Cue Card 278 - Describe a friend who had to make a difficult decision

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a friend who had to make a difficult decision.

You should say:

  •  what the decision was about
  •  why your friend had to make this difficult decision
  •  what your friend finally decided

and explain why you consider it a difficult decision to make.


Model Answer 1:

My friend, Minhaz, is from a very wealthy family, and I don’t think that he ever had to make any decision, let alone a difficult decision, in his life. But, funny things happen in life, and even Minhaz, the only child of a billionaire father, had to make a difficult decision just to make his family happy. Let me tell you the story here in brief.

Well, to tell the truth, Minhaz loved his parents very dearly, and I don’t really think that he ever did anything against the advice or will of his parents. He studied engineering even though, he didn’t like to do so. He liked to enjoy riding his expensive motorbikes (trust me, he had a few of them) in the highways, but since his parents were afraid about his life, he refrained from doing so. He liked to travel a lot to different parts of the world, but, again, he gave up on that idea because his parents were nervous about him travelling abroad.

So, essentially, my friend, Minhaz, gave up everything just because his parents didn’t approve of those except, of course, one thing: he didn’t want to give up on his university sweetheart who he loved so much. Yes, Minhaz loved that girl too much, and he wanted to marry her. But, his parents had a different idea as they wanted their son to marry another woman of their choice. But, anyway, as Minhaz stuck to his decision to marry the girl he loved, his parents ordered him to leave their house and live somewhere else. Needless to say, Minhaz wasn’t really ready to deal with such predicament, but in the end, he took the difficult decision to leave his parents’ house to marry his university sweetheart.

Anyway, it was indeed such a difficult decision for my friend to leave his parents’ house since he really loved them so dearly. Besides, the thought of disobeying his parents suffocated him, but since he loved that girl so much, he just didn’t have any other choice but to make such a difficult decision. I have met them after they got married and I am sure they are living happily wherever they are now.


Sample Answer 2:

My close friend Mark (... or say a name...) made a very tough decision and in my opinion, that was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever seen someone to decide. He had to decide whether the doctors should try to save his wife's life or the yet-to-born baby's life. That day I was in the hospital and I went to the consulting doctor's room with him. The doctors told that the mother's health condition was pretty severe and the baby would have a great deal of complexity to be operated. Both the mother and baby's lives were in danger and as the father and husband, Mark would have to decide what he wants.

Though that was a very tough call, my friend had to take prompt decisions. I noticed tears were dropping slowly from his both eyes. Finally, he decided that his wife's life should be given more priority that the yet-to-born baby.

There's no doubt that it was a very tough decision to take. That was a life and death situation for my friend's wife while a much-desired child was on the other hand. Once the decision was taken, it could not be reversed and choosing either wife's life or baby's life is definitely one of the hardest decisions for a man. My friend must have gone through a hard time and stressful experience to decide and the situation was very tough to handle. It was like choosing an impossible thing but you have to choose. The wife was the life-partner and his life-long companion while the baby was the dream, representative of the next generation and a blessing for him. Letting go either one is not an easy decision and my friend Mark had to decide something very tough like this.


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