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Cue Card 282 - Describe an exciting news that you heard

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a piece of exciting news that you heard (either through the phone or e-mail).

You should say:

  • what is was about
  • who gave this piece of good news
  • when you got this piece of news

and explain why this was a piece of exciting news to you.


Model Answer 1:

Thank you for this interesting cue card topic. It’s not like we come to learn about exciting news regularly in our everyday life. But, when we do learn about a piece of exciting news, it sure feels good to share it with others, just as I am about to do here today.

I learned about this exciting news about 5 years ago when I had just finished my undergraduate studies from a university. Naturally, it was time for me, either to continue my Master’s degree or get a job. But, I was in no hurry as I wanted to weigh both options ahead of me in a careful manner. Of course, my family was desperately trying to convince me to have a job. But, on the other hand, the majority of my friends were pushing me to start my postgraduation at a reputed university, since I had a rather good academic result, preferably with a scholarship. Not to mention, I liked the idea of my friends, but I didn’t want to study at just any reputed university, rather I wanted to study at a good foreign university.

So, I started contacting foreign universities one after another in which I had a chance to receive a scholarship. Finally, after gathering the necessary information, I decided to apply to a few UK universities that met my requirements.  All the universities, which I had applied to, confirmed to me in an email (a new email account that I had just created), even though, I was wishing that they would rather inform me in a formal letter. Anyway, after waiting for almost 4 weeks, I finally got an email from one of the universities, congratulating me for securing an admission there with a scholarship!

Anyway, it was indeed a piece of exciting news because I was able to prove to my parents and family that I had it in me to qualify for better opportunities. It was a piece of exciting news also because it had allowed me to study at a dream university of my choice.


Sample Answer 2:

The exciting news that I heard over the phone was the birth news of my nephew. My mother called me on my cell phone when I was away from my hometown and that’s one of the most exciting news I have ever got in my life.

I was in the second year at my university and because of that, I was away from home. One day my mother called and gave me this happy news. I had an exam ahead of me and after getting the news I was so happy and thrilled that I forgot everything and came to my hometown at that very night to see the newborn baby. I have two sisters and I am the youngest son of my parents. My sisters got married and first when I was in my A level. I heard that my sister was pregnant and would have a baby soon.

Having a baby at our home was a much-desired dream of ours and I often fantasised to have a beautiful baby at our home. So we were counting days for the baby to come to this world and for enlightening our house. At the last moment of my sister’s pregnancy, she became very ill and some complexities appeared as the doctors reported. Naturally, we were very anxious for the mother and the baby who is yet to come. When I got the call from my mum that my sister has become the mother of a beautiful baby and both are fine, I was in one hand very animated and on the other hand, relieved from the tension that I was going through for the last few days.   


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