Cue Card 287 - Describe an important recent change in your life

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an important recent change in your life.

You should say:

  • what type of change it is
  • what the reason for this change is/was
  • whether it is a positive or negative change for you

and explain what happened after this change.


Model Answer 1:
We all can be sure of one thing in our life and that is “change”. In fact, it is the changes which keep us going in our life, and I think that starting a new job is certainly one such change.

Yes, I have recently started a part-time job after graduating from university. But, to tell the truth, before I decided to start a part-time job, I was thinking of starting a second Master’s degree because I have always liked the atmosphere of a university. Besides, I always used to think that the higher qualification had, the better would be my prospect for landing a better employment opportunity.

But, then one day, one of my friends asked me to visit his uncle’s stock brokerage firm. The reason, of course, was that my friend wanted to buy some stocks, and he wanted me also to buy some stocks for some kind of future financial security. Luckily, I had some money with me at that time, which I saved little by little from my monthly allowance, and I wanted to put them to some good use. So I bought some stocks there and started to visit the firm fairly regularly to see the trend of stock prices. Slowly, slowly, I started to like the stock market, and after a while, I even got very good at anticipating the stock prices. Seeing my skills in understanding future stock prices, my friend’s uncle offered me a part-time position at his firm with a rather handsome salary. Not to mention, since I had already like the stock market, I accepted the proposal, and I must say that the job brought a huge positive change in my life.

Anyway, because of this positive change in my life, I felt like I was becoming very productive in life. Besides, the change also gave me a lot of confidence and positive energy in me where I could see myself very successful in achieving great financial freedom from an early age.


Sample Answer 2:
I have completed my graduation only a few months ago and within the three months of my departure from the university, I started working in a private company. My new job and my lifestyle changes due to that job is very recent and in my opinion pretty significant as well.

Since I joined this company as a Business Executive, I had to make a shift from my student life to corporate life. That was the main reason for the changes I went through.
Definitely, that was an important and positive change for my life. I had to join a company or organisation to start my career and I was very glad that I was appointed by a big and prestigious company of the country.

I am no longer a student and I do not have to attend classes and prepare for exams. I am now responsible for the job position I have. Many things have changed including my sleeping pattern and dress-up. I now sleep early and wake up early which were pretty opposite during my student life. I have to maintain office time and follow up my job responsibilities that I was trusted with during my appointment. In fact, I am happy with the changes in my life. I have a great vision and big ambition about my career and now I feel that I am on the right track and I will have to work hard to achieve my future goal. All of those realisations came in my mind after I started working for this company. Besides, now I enjoy economic freedom and that’s a major change as well.


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