Describe a long-distance journey you have been on - Cue Card # 294

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a long-distance journey you have been on.

You should say:

  • when you took this journey
  • where you went
  • what kind of transportation you used

and explain what happened on this journey.


Model Answer 1:
I have always loved taking long-distance journeys since my high school days. These journeys have allowed me to visit many of my friends – friends whom I met before - in different parts of my country. So, I would just go ahead and talk about one of those journeys which I undertook about a month ago.

But, before anything else, it is worth mentioning the reasons here as to why or how I could have possibly met so many friends in different parts of my country. Well, the answer is, my father was a government serviceman, and he needed to be stationed in different places all over my country. And, whenever I lived in a new place, it offered me an opportunity to make new friends there before moving to a new place again. Anyway, this had continued for years, but it had to end at a certain point, and it indeed did when my father was eventually retired. On the other hands, of course, my friendship, I already had managed to build with others over the years, didn’t go to retirement. In fact, it remained very much alive and well, as I and my friends kept frequently visiting each other, just as I visited one of them in one of the port cities of my country by train on that occasion.

It was a good 15-hours long journey, but it certainly didn’t feel that long as it was a very comfortable journey. The services inside the train were great and the seats were of top class, but the best thing about that train journey was that I could fall asleep easily inside it because of its rhythmic motion and movement.

Anyway, on this journey, I managed to spend my time rather well by reading a couple of books, which I always wanted to read. Besides, I also listened to some of my favourite songs on my smartphone in addition to also listening to classical songs, which were being played by the train audio service. Finally, I also enjoyed a few small but great snacks which were offered by the designated catering service there.


Model Answer 2:

I visited India 2/3 years back and at that time I took a journey from Kolkata to New Delhi and then back to Kolkata on the next day. This was indeed a very long journey compared to the usual journey I have had. It was probably March 2012 when I went to India to meet a colleague. I went to Kolkata to meet him and then an emergency appeared to get back to my embassy in New Delhi.

From the Kolkata train station, I booked a seat in an express train and started my journey alone. It took me more than 26 hours to reach New Delhi train station and after finishing my task at the embassy I took a train again to get back to Kolkata.

The main transportation I used was express train and apart from that I had to take a taxi and local tram during this journey. After I took my seat on the train I started reading a book I had with me. After few hours I went to the lunch boggy to have my lunch and there I met a person from my country. He was a photojournalist and we had a long conversation. I slept on the train at night and listened to the music in my iPad. I bought some local English magazines and read interesting stuff. In the next morning I reached New Delhi station and from there I went to my embassy. I finished my tasks there and get back to another train to Kolkata. On my way back, I watched the villages and people the train was passing and took many photos that I instantly updated on my blog. Apart from the long hour’s journey and being alone in the whole journey, I enjoyed the trip.


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