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Describe a song that you remember from your childhood - Cue Card # 301

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a song that you remember from your childhood.

You should say:

  • what song it is
  • when you heard it
  • who sang this song to you

and explain why you still remember this song.


Model Answer 1:

Bringing back childhood memories is probably one of the sweetest things in our life as an adult. I also have many of such sweet childhood memories that I like to recall from time to time, and this cue card topic is asking me to do just that by allowing me to remember one of my most favourite songs from those golden old days.

This is, of course, a Bengali movie song with the title “ekdin chuti hobe, onek dure jabo”, meaning “ we will have our holidays one day from our school and then we will travel far far away”, and the song is taken from an old but very famous movie called “Chutir Ghontha” (Holiday Hours).

Incidentally, this was a very popular song at a time when I also was studying at an elementary school. In fact, the song was so popular back then that our radio would play it at least 10 times a day.  Besides, it was for the first time that my parents sent me to watch a movie after enjoying this particular song so much.

Anyway, this song goes to a great length in describing the activities of children in a very exotic and nice manner, which they enjoy after their schools are closed for holidays.  At one point, this song even talks about a beautiful world, free of all kinds of sorrows and sufferings, for the children which would be full of many beautiful fairies, playing with the children. By the way, I still remember the days very vividly when my elder sister sang this song to me from time to time, in order to cheer me up, when I felt down.

I still remember this song, primarily because it was very much related to my happy childhood which I would like to enjoy as a young student. Besides, I remember it also because it had a very nice rhyme and tune for my taste and liking as a child. Finally, I specifically remember this song also because I was told that it was taken from a movie, based on a true story.


Sample Answer 2:
My mother often sang me a lullaby titled "Oh my sweet angel look the Moon has come to play with you…” in my bedtime and I have heard it so many times in my childhood that I can still remember it very vividly. This was a song usually famous in the rural area of our country that mothers often use to soothe the baby and to send them to sleep. It was an 8-10 lines song with great harmony and the way my mother sand it was extraordinary. It still echoes in my head and I miss those days.

I can remember my mother often sand this song till I got admitted in the school and I heard it from my father as well in my bedtime. I was pretty touched by the lyrics and in my childhood, I often imagined that the verses used in this song were true and would happen to me as well.

We often remember things from childhood especially the stories or songs we hear with great enthusiasm. This song was no exceptions. I heard it hundreds of times and as a child, I fanaticized those things to be true. Thais is the main reason I still remember it. Maybe, someday when I will become a father/ mother, I will sing thins song to my children as well. This has in fact become a permanent memory and I still love the great and calming piece of music.


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Nilavae vaa... I've been in love with this song since I was little because my mom sang this song to me, and according to my mom, Mohan's songs are pure bliss. So I decided to listen to all of Mohan's songs and I was pretty touched I realised Mom was right.